Stanford: Does anybody care?

By:  Diane Benjamin

I’ve written lots of stories about the Village of Standford and the Allin Fire Protection District.  Even though the Supreme Court has ruled that “bloggers”  are media, the Standford Police Chief doesn’t care.  Ed Petrey refuses to answer my emails.

Earlier in August I asked Ed to refer investigations to the McLean County Sheriff since it is a conflict of interest for him to be involved.  I asked Ed again on August 31, he has not responded:

Aug 31 at 3:45 PM

To:  [email protected]


Justice at all levels of government only applies to what the government wants to prosecute you for.


The McLean County Sheriff claims he can’t get involved unless the Stanford Police Chief asks him to investigate.

States Attorney Jason Chambers won’t get involved unless somebody else investigates.

The State Police won’t get involved unless another law enforcement agency refers the case to them.

I’ve written about other issues that also need investigating.  Unless the citizens stand up for themselves, your abuse will continue.

Here’s the original story:

Maybe taxpayers should ask the trustees why they fired the much cheaper Danvers Police and opted to spend your money foolishly instead:





3 thoughts on “Stanford: Does anybody care?

  1. Why is it that a now retired janitor by trade is handling hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Allin Township Fire Protection District, Village of Stanford, and the Village of Mackinaw? You sure would think that the credentials for that position would be more than experience in cleaning the floors.

  2. How the village handles their funds is up to them. Until they accuse someone of misconduct, just as they have done, There is a mans life at stake ! His life ! His name !

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