Stanford: Dashcam

By:  Diane Benjamin

The video from the November 11th accident that totaled the Stanford Police Car has been received under the Freedom of Information Act.  I have the video starting right before the car hit a tree in the road, start it at the beginning if you want to see more driving.

Turn the sound off if you don’t want to hear bad language.

The officer was treated and released from the hospital.

4 thoughts on “Stanford: Dashcam

  1. Funny how this seems like Stanford is purposely trying to get insurance money from the BRAND NEW squad car that we didn’t need. And like Marc said, had this been a plain Jane civilian, we would be facing multiple traffic charges.. reckless driving, failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident, too fast for conditions, speeding. If I remember the original story, he was responding to downed power lines, why in the hell would you fly down a country road (and coming up to a hill at that) and not be slowing down? Typical corrupt Stanford officials, they didn’t learn the lesson from when the last police force got fired. Karma hurts, maybe they’ll stop ticketing residents for bogus infractions and taking 1 hour “refueling” trips to Bloomington.


  2. I’m betting he got distracted by all the gizmo’s that we buy for those squad cars.

    Like texting and driving….only worse in this case, obviously.


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