If it wasn’t government – it would be criminal

By:  Diane Benjamin

If your bank charged you an almost 100% penalty for paying late, what would government do?

Payday loans have capped interest rates to protect borrowers.

Not so much for government

A family I know bought a vehicle out of town in September.  A few weeks ago they got a Sales Tax bill for $92.  With the holidays and a trip out of the state, the bill wasn’t promptly paid.  They returned home to a new notice.  With penalties and interest, the bill is now $176.

An almost 100% increase because they didn’t promptly kneel at government’s feet.

If a private lender did this to consumers, the Justice Department would shut them down.

Don’t expect anybody in government to care.   Government thinks they are entitled to your money.

Yep, buy a car and title it in McLean County, they will find you.

Once again, laws are only for us little people.

11 thoughts on “If it wasn’t government – it would be criminal

  1. I don’t think saying that “laws are only for us little people” is an accurate description of what is going on here. Banks and payday loan companies are not little people. I think a more accurate description is that laws are only for non-government people and companies. How many times have you seen cops speeding? Or the recent EPA debacle where they released toxic waste into a river?

  2. Keep in mind the sales tax is increasing to 8.75%.

    By the way, State Farm has opened three new offices and here are the sales tax rates in these areas:

    Tempe, AZ 8.1%
    Richardson, TX 8.25% with 0 income tax
    Dunwoody, GA 7%

    Bloomington is the highest at 8.75%. In other words a person can live better in all three areas that are not Bloomington Normal. Is it any wonder people are leaving town?

    1. Probably even a better selection of homes in those locations too. B/N to me has nothing but cookie cutter homes and they all almost look the same too. Probably better streets too.

      As for government fee’s and charges a classic example is the IRS as well as the State of IL Dept. of Revenue. When I was doing my state taxes I was reading the instructions and it said if you owed over $1K they penalized you. Just leave the amount blank and they would calculate it for you. How nice. Worse than a mafia!

  3. Judy, let me ask you this ONE question? What’s a “light” lunch or “dinner” that the council spends $100 on? and did YOU ever get to partake on ANY of them, and IF not, then can it be considered a legit expense IF the council as a WHOLE did not get an invite? Just a New Year thought.

    1. To further that question. If taxpayers are footing the bill, shouldn’t they be allowed to listen in on the conversation?

      1. It is questionable as to whether the spending on meals is even legal. “It is non-essential for the functioning of government.” AKA–misappropriation of funds.

    2. Judy isn’t computer savvy, so I’m sure she never saw your question. I can tell you she was appalled by the “light dinners”. The staff did most of the eating and they took the leftovers home. At least, that’s the story I’ve heard.

  4. Being what passes for an “american” these days means standing idly by as the state engorges itself on your properties, paychecks, and bank accounts.

    If only I had the monopoly on force, coercion, and violence – I TOO would make you suckers pay for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything else my heart desires through theft, extortion, and racketeering.

    Not only will I make YOUR lives miserable, I will inflict misery, poverty, and death upon the rest of the world as I see fit – using the money I took from you and every other ‘taxpayer’ within my omnipotent gaze.


    Of course it’s criminal, says the anarchist!

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