Coliseum Hockey OVERSTATED?

By:  Diane Benjamin

From the Proposed Budget Book 2:  Page 191

ciamattendBasketball is dead. 

Look at hockey.  In 2016 attendance was budgeted at 2000 per game.

Does this look like 2000 people?


Or this?

hockey1This makes those Economic impact numbers immaterial.

5 thoughts on “Coliseum Hockey OVERSTATED?

  1. That is pathetic. Lets use Common Core and determine how much each attendee cost. No matter how you figure it, it looks pathetic and phony projections wont’ change this pathetic mess.

  2. Maybe they got an outstanding new event promoter that will put the people in the seats. Doubtful considering the history.

    1. Ha! Renner & Hales are negotiating with CIAM for a new or renewed contract. There has been talk of having CIAM also manage the BCPA.

  3. Probably what a Tari pep rally would look like. This IS sad. I went to a hockey game a few years back with a friend (free tickets) and there wasn’t more then 750 people in the WHOLE place on a SUNDAY-that’s counting employees!!

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