Update: Attn: Trump fans

I received word he will be flying into Bloomington Sunday morning between 9 and 10.


No, I won’t be there!

Update:  The same people who disrupted the event in Chicago are coming here.  I doubt our police/sheriff will tolerate them.  Sounds like they may need backup though.






  1. Yeah….confirmed
    I’m a Cruz voter…but I still remember seeing Gerald Ford come through town when I was a kid…would love for my kids to see and remember seeing the spectacle. As long as we don’t get punched in the face.


  2. Hey thanks for the heads up on this, he’s got my vote. At least we know FOR SURE that he is a natural born citizen.


  3. The airport should be empty because most people go to church on Sunday between 9 and 10 am.


  4. Elizabeth Gruber says:

    As we were leaving Key West this a.m. there were Sanders sign waivers at the red light. I started shouting that didn’t they know socialism and communism are pretty much the same thing and my son who was driving put the window up as they were shouting that was not true and they all turned their backs on us. Geez.


    • That is like saying McDonalds and Burger King are the same. There are distinct differences. In Socialism, the workers DONT own the means of production, but they are provided nesscities by the government to meet basic needs and are free to spend their wages as they choose. Workers get paid on what they put in. In Communism, the workers own the means of production but all work is done for the people collectively. You get a ration or stipend. You won’t find many TVs or garden gnomes being produced because they don’t benefit the community and are considered individual luxuries. You do have to give something up in both systems to support the People. You cannot privately own a business as in Capitalism. But while similar, they are not one of the same.



  5. 1 out of 3 Trump supporters are just as stupid as the other 2. Probably why he’s winning. There’s way too many stupid people in this country.


    • Really BNIndy? Stupid? Lol. Which candidate do you support? Evil Hillary, Bubble boy Rubes, Mr. Canada, or older than dirt socialist pig Bernie? OR Mitt the Twit? Carson Daily? Tony Romo?


    • Imagio es Tanti says:

      First, you need to take a shower to remove the stench of arrogance that ooozzeesss out of your diatribe.
      Second, humble yourself and get off your government issued high horse also known as the Affordable Healthcare Law,  Electric Vehicle incentives and the Chicago to St. Louis high speed rail, all paid for by my tax dollars, that in the end only further stroked your ego and benefited a few.
      Third, read the constitution and stop using it as your toilet paper whenever people disagree with you.
      Fourth, stop using race, ethnic diversity and multiculturalism as your gauranteed trifecta to eliminate dissent.
      Fifth, find a job to pay for your student loans that allowed you to get an over priced liberal education so that my GED will not have to pay for your B.S. degree.
      Sixth, everybody picks their nose, wipes their ass and farts.  Stop pretending your boogers aren’t sticky, your ass is always clean and your farts don’t smell when talking to individuals who thinks otherwise.
      Seventh, illegal immigration, islamic extremism and the belittlng of western civilization’s achievements will not be solved by ignoring The Rule of Law, blaming other religions and rewriting history.
      Eigth, no one has ever galvanized angry WASP voters, speak for those who were silenced by political correctness and believe that Lee Greenwood’s song, Iam Proud to be an American is not just a cliche but a prayer like Donald Trump.  And that, in the end, SCARES you.


  6. Jonathan says:

    Trump is one of the few not owned by the “establishment.” Others are Carson and possibly Sanders. Rand seems to be 50/50. Cruz, Hillary, Rubio and Kasich, and the rest are all definitely beholden to the banking/industrial/internationalist crowd.


  7. You’ll KNOW he’s there, just look for the big TRUMP letters on the jet! Probably be able to hear, er, see him when he takes off for CIRA!


  8. Diane,
    I’ve read this site for some time now, and I’ll admit I developed a lot of preconceived notions about who I assumed you to be as a person. I happened upon your Facebook recently and was surprised to see that you are not a Trump supporter. To me, that actually gives your website my validation and makes me think more highly of you. You don’t know me and probably don’t care about my opinion, but I am judging mysel for judging you so harshly. Thats all, have a good day.


  9. Elizabeth Gruber says:

    To the one who replied to my comment about communism and socialism being the same..I come from a socialist/communist country and if that is what you want please try researching Romania before the execution of Ceausescu or the current state of Venezuela where inflation is 700 percent and you can’t get toilet paper.


    • Ceausescu and Hugo ran an authoritarian regime that had little to do with their economic systems and more about the people they are. Russia is a democracy but they do a lot things that are not democratic.Not saying that the two systems are not beholden to leaders perverting it for their own gain. Hugo and Ceausecsu were not for the people.


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