No transparency in budgeting

By:  Diane Benjamin

Discussions of the City of Bloomington proposed budget is not being held in the Council Chambers.  Citizens will never know what happens because video won’t be available.  Unless citizens attend, details will be a secret.  If anyone on the Council cares about the people paying the bills, nobody will ever know.

Just the way Renner and Hales like it.  Call for a vote at the next meeting – done deal.

It happens Saturday

as in tomorrow:



6 thoughts on “No transparency in budgeting

  1. Renner has his Open House for citizens to ask questions and give suggestions about the FY2017 budget this afternoon at 4:30 PM in the Council chambers at the conference table. This meeting is not recorded either. Anyone interested should arrive early to get a seat, be prepared with comments/questions and to be assertive so as not to allow pontification.


  2. I had NO idea that back in 2004 residents voted down the coliseum idea 2-1. No idea at all, as I didn’t live in the area. I can’t believe the council had the audacity to go through with it. I’m absolutely dumbfounded, 12 years later.


    1. Unfortunately, referendums are not binding in Illinois. They are “advisory.” Mayor Judy and the Council ignored the citizens advice and wishes.


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