Tari says buy local!

By:  Diane Benjamin

I haven’t heard the commercial, but several people have told me they almost wrecked their cars when Tari Renner’s radio ad called on the community to “Buy Local”.

Maybe the City of Bloomington should participate before Tari is sent out to lecture citizens.  These totals are from last year, I could have picked out many more:  http://www.cityblm.org/Modules/ShowDocument.aspx?documentid=11542

Sorling Northrup Hanna Cullen – Legal fees sent to Springfield:   $ 718,524.31

Clark Baird Smith LLP – Legal fees sent to Des Plains:   $ 140,422.08

Sikich LLP – auditing (that didn’t find any fraud at the Coliseum) sent to Springfield:   $ 181,875.05

Bronner Group LLC – Consulting sent to Chicago:  $ 101,167.00

Raftelis Financial Consultants – North Carolina?:  $ 56,948.19

S B Friedman & Company – Consulting sent to Chicago:  $ 61,041.95

Amazon – ?  $ 54,845.06

Daktronics Inc – Video Boards for the Coliseum S. Dakota:  $ 1,390,970.35

Lynn Montei Associates Inc – Council facilitator Elmhurst:   $ 35,346.41

National Council For Community Development – consultant New York, DC, etc:  $ 25,000.00

Some money was spent locally:

(questionable at best)

Bloomington Normal Public Transit System $ 648,093.90
Area Convention & Visitors Bureau $ 550,100.00
Coliseum Fund $ 1,131,313.53
Bloomington Normal Area Economic $ 131,787.92
Pantagraph Publishing Co $ 114,039.27
Downtown Bloomington Association $ 91,734.00
McLean County Regional Planning Commission $ 91,455.00
City Of Bloomington Petty Cash $ 75,536.27  (250 working days = $300+ per day)
Illinois Symphony Orchestra Inc $ 74,238.28
Cumulus Broadcasting LLC $ 40,289.89
Genesis Authority LLC – Contract Labor for David Hales (Colfax):  $ 31,136.25
Youthbuild McLean County $ 20,000.00





8 thoughts on “Tari says buy local!

  1. Everything Renner says and does from this day forward is part of his campaign for Mayor. Sales taxes are now collected from online orders so it doesn’t affect revenue. The retail and service industry doesn’t pay enough to provide for living expenses much less disposable income. Get out of your bubble, Mr. Mayor. The unemployed, underemployed and overtaxed citizens are angry. You are disposable.


      1. That is what I said. Cities used to blame online sales for the decrease in revenue. Thay can no longer do that. Now, the brick and mortar store may close affecting property taxes though.


  2. MAybe ole Tari ought to “THINK LOCAL” also. Let’s see roads, sewers, pensions, spending, taxes, It’s time for a good ole “house cleaning” And $300 a day for petty cash?? Hey Tari buy some brown bags, and take an apple to work!


  3. Does anyone else think it strange that the City gives the symphony money, but I see they are doing a concert at Second Presbyterian rather than at the CFPA just down the street? Hope Second Pres gave them free use of their facilities.


  4. it does sound like a campaign commercial. I wonder how much bloomington is paying for this. seems strange the only time tari acknowledges 92.9 listeners is around election time. Hey you never know Diane tari may even want to buy and add here… LMAO


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