More Connect Transit and ADA

By:  Diane Benjamin

Thanks to Julie Beer at Connect Transit for sending me this information quickly!

See this previous post:

LifeCil is receiving $$6,874.42 a month to determine which riders qualify for free rides under the ADA.  I don’t know if riders are forced to qualify every month, but it doesn’t sound likely.

The 2016 numbers are as follows:

As with all Connect Transit numbers, the ADA riders are also decreasing.  I requested the NUMBER of qualifying people, not how many times they rode.  I also didn’t ask for the number of people rejected under ADA.

Here’s the moral of this story:

Government loves to create programs to help people.  A program like this, if needed at all, should have been contracted for one year – not three.

The payment to LifeCil should have been reevaluated for effectiveness and necessity after one year.  These numbers say NO!

The true cost of programs meant to help people never include the Administrative costs.  Once created, these programs go on in perpetuity unchallenged.

The administrative costs pay for bureaucrats who have no interest in determining if what they do is essential.

That’s how Connect Transit got huge new empty buses roaming the streets with a deficit budget of $12,000,000.

ALL CITIZENS would be better off if government quit trying to help.  Government has stolen our right to help each other without interference.  Utopia will never be created unless we create our own.

When anyone says “we have to keep making progress”, what they mean is more government control is required.  These people need to be rejected, repudiated, and re-educated with American values.

Listen for it – you WILL hear it.








  1. They either mean more government is required, or they don’t really know what they mean. It just sounds good to them.


  2. Do those numbers mean that LifeCil is being paid over $150 per month per ride or am I misunderstanding something?


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