No Free Lunches except for . .

Diane Benjamin

Bills and Payroll for Monday night:

For almost 4 years Tari Renner spouts “There are no free lunches”.  Unless your name is Tari Renner:  Page 107

freelunchI’m sure these were strictly business, especially the ones with nobody listed but Tari!

Was the public invited and I missed it?

firepizzaMy personal favorite:

office-chairPCard spending is loaded with airline tickets, airline fees, conference fees, tickets to the Chamber of Commerce Gala event, lots of other food, and spending for the Coliseum.  See it all yourself at the link and PDF page number above.

What else did they spend money on?

Boutique Consulting:


Office Supplies?  Did you know the Council didn’t know about the new website?  It wasn’t needed!



And the winner is…

Is this why you work hard and pay outrageous taxes:

This is the reason Home Rule needs to be revoked.

State law says Public Funds can only be used for Public Purposes.  Under Home Rule the local spendthrifts fund anything they want.  If they refuse to be fiscally responsible, the privilege needs to be taken away!  $10,392!

In case you can’t tell – that would be the MLK event.  I wonder if you paid for Dr. Marc Lemont Hill?


This is the software that is supposed to help with employee scheduling.  How many employees can be laid off  now?


The Pantagraph got:  $7,467.92

Cumulus got:  $1,122.00

I wonder if anybody asked what this is:



The $76,974.90 got shipped to Springfield, the rest went to various law firms around the state.





7 thoughts on “No Free Lunches except for . .

  1. Tari spent $131 on lunch in ONE week? SOMEONE needs to call him (or throw him) on the carpet for that kind of spending! That’s over $25 a DAY! What’s he do, get a go bag?? MAYBE he should learn to take a lunch to work-LIKE THE CITIZENS HE’S TAXING!


    1. Three of those business lunches he ate alone. If he has no one to do business with during lunchtime, business should be carried out in his city office either before or after he has eaten lunch. What a parasite!!


  2. Does Renner ever work at IWU? I wonder if he has to submit and agenda or topic of discussion for each of these “business” meetings. To me, there should have to be a formal documented agenda of what was discussed. I’m concerned about the conflict of interest of the lunch with Jesse Smart preceding his endorsement of Renner. One has to wonder if there was any campaign business discussed on the taxpayer’s dime.


  3. I would love to see someone for the next meeting make a copy of the payroll of his lunches, blow it up big, put it on a poster board and take it to the meeting with a headline “There are no free lunches?”


    1. Do it, Rick! There needs to be more civic engagement. Sadly, 40% of District 87 students can’t afford lunch or breakfast for that matter. They qualify for reduced breakfast/lunch program.


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