Giving away your money!

By:  Diane Benjamin

On the agenda for Monday night:

Packet PDF page 124

The City is planning to donate a van to the YWCA – value is between  $3,414 -$5,115

What State statute gives the City the right to give away a taxpayer owned asset to a non-profit?  Aren’t they discriminating against every other non-profit that could use a van?  Is this more government picking winners and losers?

Packet PDF page 195

The City is going to give away 48 bicycles the Police have received to West Bloomington Revitalization Partnership for the Walk-In Bike-Out Program.

Formally the bikes would have been sold at auction.  There must be an election coming up soon (April 4th).

Packet PDF page 253

Council to approve a $20,000 donation to the McLean County Medivan Cooperative program.  (YWCA)
Under whose authority is the City doing this one?  The documentation calls this Economic Development!

A Public Hearing will be held on the proposed budget.

It looks like it will take place in Council Chambers, they couldn’t come up with a good reason to move to the Police Station where nobody could hear the discussion.

There is also a hearing for requesting new CDBG funds from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.  I wonder if they have heard that program is on the chopping block?


$1,848,772.00  St. Peter Aquifer Test Wells 1 and 2 Project was Bid  PDF page 327

I’m sure every Council member read all 374 pages!

7 thoughts on “Giving away your money!

  1. Did any higher ups at either of these organizations donate funds to Renners Election Campaign? The optics of these “donations” at election time look pretty suscispious to moi !


    1. The leadership of the YWCA, both locally and nationally, is dominated by really hardcore, militant Leftists. I would be stunned if a connection couldn’t be shown between those Radicals and Comrade Renner. “Birds of a feather…”


  2. the ywca is a bunch of commies hell bent on makeing our grand children roller derby floozies from mars. that buddha guy is responsible for all of this. we need to expose his godless hippie tactics. i hear he is planning dance party protest with those nasty roller hussies ,BLm,isu enviromental terroists and those dang bike blono freaks. those psyco union goons and the democrats are paying the fat little man to rally the good youth of this town to worship satan and his favorite death cult the gratefuldead. we need to keep an eye on that commie and the blm ywca but definatly that fat boy buddha jones .


  3. Meh. Bike bikes are crap. Seriously, I went to the auctions when they used to hold them. It costs more to hold the auction than the bikes bring in. This is the city actually being fiscally responsible.


  4. State Statute says government money (resources) are to used for government function. Without an ordinance, I don’t think it would be legal. These donations are for a good cause but I don’t think government should be involved in supporting not-for-profit organizations. They already have tax-exempt status.


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