UPDATE: Not up in smoke – it’s the cloud

The newer website is now back.  The Council approved the website back in March of 2016:  http://www.cityblm.org/home/showdocument?id=10583


By:  Diane Benjamin

I came across the name of the company I think the City of Bloomington hired to do their new website.  I went to cityblm.org to research payments.

Surprise – the new website was gone and the old one is back.  It isn’t up to date and some links don’t work – but it is the old version.

I did a Search  for the company – Vision Internet – and found this:

The link doesn’t work – that makes me think this a recent item.  Funny how David Hales can spend $50,000 without Council approval and this payment is for $49,500.  I don’t remember ever seeing it on an agenda, but until the new website returns I can’t search for it.

In case you miss the old site that actually functioned better than the new one – here’s a screen shot from this morning:

Yes, I have other people who can confirm this most recent City failure.  Expect more and more failures – the bigger government gets the more mistakes they make.

Soon “Who’s on First” won’t be a comedy routine, it will be real life in city government.

It’s now 11:35 – the new website is still missing somewhere in the clouds.

5 thoughts on “UPDATE: Not up in smoke – it’s the cloud

  1. This is really SAD!! As citizens we PAY for transparency and CORRECT information. It’s TIME we get that, do you agree? This is TOTALLY without justification or explanation. WE PAY Hales and that Tari guy to compentently RUN things for us, and WHAT do we get ( you paying attention Koos and liberals) JACK S***!!!
    There is NO absolutely NO excuse for this kind of insubordination! It’s just ” the people be damned, and piss on em” attitude! Another reason to LEAVE the state!
    Pretty soon it will be JUST the DAMocrats, and they can bleed each other dry!
    OH, by the way. There’s a BIG lateral split in the road on the RR bridge on Seminary street as you cross the tracks on the East side. You city folks who GIVE a crap think you can fill that. I’d hate for the Bike Blo-NO idiots to loose a wheel in the middle of the road, as it’s a good 6″ deep! NOW if Tari or Loos GAVE a crap about you folks, they WOULD have this fixed already! SO WHERE do you stand?? You’re just minnows for the gators!! Welcome to the machine!
    EVERYONE have a Good memorial Day Weekend, and Remember those who gave their all, and those who didn’t! !! It’s NOT all about BBQ and get togethers.
    May ALL that we remember this weekend, NOT be forgotten, as WE ALSO will be there someday— It’s a RACE that we are ALL winning!! PEACE & SAFETY!
    MOST of all, REMEMBER and get the stories straight! GOD BLESS!


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