Fantasy FOIA

By:  Diane Benjamin

I filed this FOIA request on June 28th:

It was due on July 5th, but I didn’t receive it.  I keep a log of FOIA requests, this morning I had a minute to review them and noticed I hadn’t received this one.  I sent a reminder to the City of Bloomington City Clerk.  I usually get an extension request (on time) and then a denial – never ignored.

Magically I received the FOIA:

The amount matches, the dates and vendor doesn’t.

There is an organization called the Black Business Alliance in Peoria:


It turns out the Black Business Alliance owns WXRJ Radio.

The Invoice is from WXRJ, the payment was made to the Black Business Alliance – a non-profit, tax exempt organization.

I wonder why?

Somebody in Accounts Payable keying in invoices wouldn’t have any reason to change the name.



2 thoughts on “Fantasy FOIA

  1. It appears the bill is for advertising for HR Department. It has been said there is an effort being made to increase diversity in the Public Safety Department. It could be possible the invoice is a monthly charge, therefore the dates not matching. The link to the Radio station has a “slide show” advertisement of B/N. The information provided by the City gives little clarity as to what the expense is for.


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