Proof Bloomington taxpayers fleeced

By:  Diane Benjamin

I was just checking media reports from Topeka Kansas to see if the Council had picked a City Manager yet.  Nothing so far.

Something else interesting did pop up though:  They paid their last City Manager $175.134.

The population is 126,808

Supposedly the population of Bloomington in 2016 was 78,005

Note: one of these is a lot smaller than the other!

What was David Hales paid last year?


He might have to take a pay cut if he gets the job!


6 thoughts on “Proof Bloomington taxpayers fleeced

  1. And yet we keep giving him raise after raise for a “job well done”. Really ???? Maybe it’s hush money because he knows about the dirty deeds going on in city hall.

  2. STILL like to see his Bend, Oregon file!!! Bet he didn’t make that much there either!
    Was he EVER in Salt Lake City?? Inquiring minds want to know..

  3. He should be taking a pay cut to keep THIS job, considering speed-dialing consultants isn’t a “mad skill”.

  4. I’ve often said he is being over paid and plus benefits for what value he brings. Just my observation from hearing him speak at council meetings and such is that he is as slow as cold molasses and can’t make an on the spot decision. If he was in the corporate America world he’d be out the door.
    LOL I have to agree with the speed dial to consultants comment.

    Like someone posted on the gossip website before they removed the comments about him in the running for the position…. where do we send our accolades to get him hired and out of Bloomington forever.

    1. No worries, just as soon as he spikes his pension he’ll hit the road on his own. No doubt about it.

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