Ready to be OUTRAGED?

By:  Diane Benjamin

By now you know about Tari Renner putting his girlfriends Sister Cities flight on a City PCard.  Since the City extended the FOIA request for repayment, we don’t know if it was repaid or not.  The charge violates both State law and the City’s PCard policy.  Every other FOIA concerning this trip was also extended, they claim somebody with authority has to review the documents before they can be released.  (Stop laughing now!)

In case you are still laughing, see these expenses:

YES, you read that right

The total is over $105,000!

I only looked at 4 months, there could be more.

While you are still hitting potholes, the City is holding on to the documents that may clear up who went, who is paying their own way, and who is sponging off taxpayers.  Evidently your perception of their actions aren’t important.  See the ticket purchased for Harriet Steinbach?  She is not on the Sister Cities Committee, so why did the City buy it?  Cindy Hanson and Catrina Murphy are – but we don’t know if they went on the trip.

Since the City isn’t providing the information:

Illinois State Police:

Lt. Greg Cavanaugh 815-844-1500 ext 2303

You may get an answering machine.  Leave a message simply demanding an investigation.


Just for fun:

Below are Tari Renner’s trip expenses (not including Japan) just from May 2016 to June 2017.  I could easily have missed some.  All of these can be found on the reports HERE

Cuba trip – not including airfare (according to the invoice)


Other travel: (PCard and City Checks)


May 2016
June 2016


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16 thoughts on “Ready to be OUTRAGED?

  1. Did you notice the dates this is being spread over two fiscal years. Using two years of budget money for one trip. Investigate the entire Sister City wonder if they are transferring funds from other departments looks to me this was over budget even with dipping into two years of city and donation funds. Doing the general fund curly, mo and larry shuffle of money of “public funds”….


  2. Jason Chambers the IL ATTN works for and donates to King Tari! The only way this is going to stop is when the taxpayers stop it!


  3. So WHY are SYRIAN people LEAVING their country when WE have THIS kind of crap going on here?
    SURE come on, we WELCOME you because you’re too dumb to figure out OR CARE that we’re WORSE then the ASSAD regime!
    Bring on the gas attack and just kill me NOW!
    JOHNEE, WHAT do YOU have to say about this? Amelia? Diana? Or Mr Sage. BET you ALL wish you could have a piece of THIS ACTION!
    This IS thievery at it’s BEST!


  4. This is unacceptable. Where is it written that Ayatollah tari gets to spend our tax money on extravagant meal and travel expenses? One or two meals a year. One travel arrangement a year would be fine. But this? This is robbery!


  5. Just a quick aside – “Tarry” also needs to learn how to one bag travel as well, even that would save a little, but oh no, not “Tarry” he has to have his 15 little outfits at the ready even if it’s just a 3 day trip. Well, Tari IS mostly a girls name, so there is that needing to take lots of clothes thing some women seem to have. Oh and he may actually be Tare (as in dare) -ee, but I kind of like Tarry as the pronunciation. I also wonder how much alcohol “we” buy sometimes with these dinners. Not sure if he drinks but something tells me he’s the wine with a meal type. I don’t like buying your wine Tarry, I don’t even like buying your food.


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