Maybe this is Tari’s defense:

By:  Diane Benjamin

We know who the liar is Tari.


17 thoughts on “Maybe this is Tari’s defense:

  1. Tari is deleting my comments from his fb. Proof in pics. Travis liked my comment. It’s gone now.

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  2. Me: but officer, it’s much more convenient for me to drive 25 miles over the speed limit. I get to my destination so much faster.

    Officer: oh, ok. Please accept my apology for questioning you.


  3. In the FIRST line Tari says “He didn’t handle ANY of this” so is he letting someone else charge on his Pcard?? Sounds like the way he handles the city.
    The Sargent Schultz skool of leadership.


  4. We all know Nora wrote this for him. She loves Facebook. It’s her full time job to monitor what others are saying about Tari and then manage the spin.


  5. I appreciate the discussion about public policy, but nitpicking over typos or accusing the Mayor of having a drinking problem seems to cross a line for me. But hey, I’m still new here. Just kind of dropping in every now and then.


    1. Rich–I will agree with you about personal attacks. Although, I’ve been known to respond with some feisty comments. Thanks for the reminder to keep the comments on topic.


    2. Well Rich, perhaps the His Most Rebuked Dishonor might want to stop using his PC-Card at Rosies’s or Destihl. That might go a long way to eliminating such innuendo.


      1. Purchase of alcohol using a PCard is also not allowed. It would be an obvious misuse of the City’s credit card if Renner handed in a receipt with a charge of an alcoholic beverage.


  6. Wow, who elected Tari King of Bloomington. I must have missed the crowning ceremony of his kingdom. Was that at the “Elephant Dome”?

    If I had the money I would put up an a billboard stating exactly what he said to Diane to remind everyone what a real j***a** this guy is. Oh please I hate to compliment him of something so well deserving. Well you know if the shoe fits….


  7. T calling Diane a liar is sickening. Sorry T, but Diane is not a liar…you however appear to be extremely dishonest and divisive. Not good qualities for a leader to have. I think T writing that about Diane, unless he is talking about someone else, might be libel. Of course he didn’t name names so maybe he was talking about another reporter in another town? Wish I was a lawyer.


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