Today was Park(ing) Day!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Remember this story:

Just who was this day for?

The kids are in school.  People are at work, so did they expect the downtown lawyers and staff to love the idea of losing parking spots?

Should San Francisco stay in California?  I wonder if Bloomington is trying to compete with Uptown and they just aren’t as good at it?

Here’s some pics – let me know if you attended.

19 thoughts on “Today was Park(ing) Day!

  1. Looks like the same attendance rate as at the Arena and BCPA. Stiller went to Pittsburgh with the City Planner which is where they got this Park(let) idea. I wonder if the reason the DBA went “bankrupt” is because of her trip.


      1. That Special Meeting of Downtown Stakeholds to determine direction and priorities based on the Comprehensive Plan which was catered at Anju Above may have been paid for by the DBA–either by them or directly from City funds.


  2. Oh geeeez, that’s dismal, I should have made an effort to go, just to see the sad spectacle in person – I mean, that’s not even a dog and pony show. The worst part is, they won’t even be embarrassed and write it up as a big success, and talk about how FUN it was.


      1. They might have packed one or two for the pics – and to Malph – keep up the elitist derision towards white people and smaller towns – it’s how Trump (and quite a few others) won, people like you keeping it up will ensure Trump’s relection and the unseating of many other career politician elitists. Face facts – this stuff they dream up often simply FAILS – do you understand FAILURE? Not everyone gets a trophy in real life just because they “tried”.


  3. Those pictures gave me my laugh of the day until I realized we are paying big salaries for these twits who have nothing constructive to do but waste taxpayer money on ignorant stuff like this. What was it in the first place.????


    1. wow ..sad . they just do not think things thru .. such a waste of energy . this can only mean one thing , we need an event commission and a full staff to access why this went so poorly . maybe more signs and advertising ..JUST KIDDING >> but this is what probably will follow ,they could of just as well had this during the farmers market .. wonder what any expenses added up to and who all paid what on them . .


      1. Those who wanted a space needed to submit a site plan to be approved by one of the departments–zoning?–code enforcement?–Public Works?The spots had to be “chalked off.” There was lots of staff time.


  4. By the look of it in the second photo maybe Hales and Renner need to work on those sidewalks and curbs a bit. Oh wait not on the priority list.
    What a JOKE!


  5. Just like any other day for me, there is nothing in downtown Bloomington for me and from what I can see the council wants to do there will never be anything…



    1. Ronin, did you vote for Trump? It’s not really warning a home owner that their house will be robbed, if you are the guy looking to do it.


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