One more pic from Park(ing) Day

Unbelievably busy!



  1. Elizabeth Gruber says:

    Thanks for some more laughs of the day. The employees who came up with this hair brain idea should be hiding in shame.


  2. The idea behind Park(let) is to bring a tiny park to the concrete jungle. I see no greenery–not even flower pots. There is more greenery at the Farmers Market. Placing plastic chairs on asphalt hardly represents a park. At least the WSRP used benches.


  3. You know I was going to head on down there…. but I had to finish watching the paint dry on the wall I just painted. It really looks like an exciting time! I like the homeless people sleeping pillows… nice touch!


  4. marycarlisle4 says:

    Of all the hair brain ideas. Geesh. Another example of Leftist do-gooders. These people literally have nothing better to do–like go to a job and work for a living.


  5. Country Bumpkin says:

    OK, so six people showed up. Granted, not a huge success, but I am sure a consultant could determine how to double the turn out next time.


  6. Don’t give them any ideas Diane!!!


  7. sticky bean says:

    They took up much needed parking space for this! You couldn’t give me a location downtown to open a business. Waste of time, waste of money.


  8. Is the blue rug and wooden crates there to cover any hole(s) in the street so no one falls in them?


  9. Disgruntled Dave says:

    All right, just how much did BPD budget for crowd control?


  10. Needs SHADE trees! This is the MOST stupid ideal I think most ANY sentient person could “dream” up. ALL the photos don’t have more then a couple people in them. So THIS is the “new inspiration” for downtown???
    How about we have “ghetto park” days and we could actually have a gun and knife show with proper ID!! And they could do it in conjunction with “greet a cop”
    HOW damn stupid are the people running this town?? Really. How about having a sidewalk chalk drawing contest for the kids with a $100 prize or such. Their parents HAVE to bring them there and it would be WAY better then some idiots setting up Walmart tents!
    WHO was behind this brain drain???
    This is just NOT even worth the photos or writing about really!! , and even the Pantagraph seemed to “miss” this special event!


    • maybe you should be the city manager since you’re so full of wonderful ideas.


      • Actually, the chalk drawings with the contest would draw more of a crowd than the “Park-lets”, besides “city managers” don’t actually make policy but they should be aware of and listen to the concerns of interest groups – all interest groups NOT just a select few pets. Also, “Hoover”, if you are a regular here and not just a hit and run drive-by of sorts you would likely see many ideas here that are better than what these full of themselves clowns in Bloomington and Normal city councils etc come up with, but you would have to take off the veils of “progressive think” long enough so you could actually see. Most people here wouldn’t have to be fed at “select” eateries so often either at the city’s (that means taxpayers) expense, nor would they be running off to every “conference” (mini vacations) and “workshops” that come along – You know those things put together by people who know only marginally more than the people who go to the stupid things – they are a waste of money. For the most part they simply stand there and provide information for a hefty fee that could easily be obtained online for free. Let’s not forget the travel expenses either, Transportation which often means flights, lodging, and these things aren’t held at the Motel 6, plus the usual “meal allowance” which, if Bloomington is in the average range, about 60-70 bucks a day. Oh and yes I know those things are not that frequent, but they add up.


  11. Consultants will simply have to be brought in for next year for sure to ensure an even better success, since this year WAS of course a success (because they never actually FAIL) but there is room for improvement – A top notch consultant, if paid at least $7,000 will advise them to move the Parklets 2 spaces over towards the south or west (which their studies show will make a HUGE difference) and use more oh lets say red you know to draw people’s attention – (That will be $7,000 dollars please) – that will raise the budget a few thousand but so what, just dream up another fee or needed permit (maybe that hedge cutting permit could become a reality) – that should cover the consultant fee – OH wait the consultant will need to be flown first class from somewhere so add another couple thousand and then put up in a hotel for a few days and fed – looks like we are looking at 10,000 now – oh well add on a water use laundry tax to laundry mats – that way the people who use laundry mats can kick in their fair share – which will make them feel as if they helping their community… I need to go to bed – Oh and thanks for the laughs ya’all – this has been delightfully delicious.


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