Is Property Fraud now Legal?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Continuation of this story:  Did Village of Stanford’s Attorney File Fraudulent Easement Documents?


New Problem:

The original TEMPORARY easement contains this statement:  Temporary Easement

The Village of Stanford President and Village Clerk signed the document in the presence of a Notary.

So, what’s in the May 20, 2010 meeting minutes?

FOIA Response BLN 9-14-17 request

I filed a FOIA request for the minutes since the Stanford website doesn’t have them back that far.  The Village of Stanford proceeded to waste money paying a lawyer to provide the minutes.  It just happens to be the same law firm that filed the easement change from temporary to permanent.  Minutes should have been easy, the law firm took the entire 5 days allowed.

Page 10 is the closest reference to creating the temporary easement, however it says nothing close to the language in the eventual easement.

Mr. Veselak’s property is not mentioned under his name or address in those minutes – that means the original easement contains questionable statements!

Mr. Veselak:

  1. Owns property that has been devalued by what looks like an illegal affidavit
  2. Owns property that in part is unusable under threat from the Village Attorney

Property Rights are what made us different from almost every other country.

Evidently another Amendment to the Constitution no longer exists – see the 4th:

Mr. Veselak deserves to be secure in his property from unreasonable seizure.  Right now he isn’t.

A report has been sent to Jason Chambers office according to the Stanford Police and the Sheriff’s office.  Mr. Veselak needs to be told what that report says.  He has a right to know if justice will happen or if he should go over the State’s Attorney’s head in search of it.



2 thoughts on “Is Property Fraud now Legal?

  1. Tari Renner, Scott Black and their ilk are Marxists. Deep down, they HATE private property rights. Sadly, living in a small town no longer shields you from people who share their perverse and criminal ideology.

  2. WHAT next?? They TRY and take OUR farms/Homes from us?? Let us NOT forget the RIGHT to bear arms.. These folks are NO BETTER then Kim Jung Un!
    I guess they FORGOT the REASON for “that” tea party in Boston!
    ONE more tax/fee raise and I WILL start filing FOIA for EVERYTHING they do , including a bathroom break!! And WHAT kind of T.P. do THEY use?? And WHAT kind do they use, and HOW many times do they use it??
    MIght as well look up a goats A**

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