Monday: Funding Gap! Ha Ha

By:  Diane Benjamin

It’s way past time for adults to be running the City of Bloomington!  We are tired of the lies and the abuse of taxpayers by pretending the city doesn’t have enough money because taxpayers aren’t paying enough.

End the charade.  Cancel the court jesters.  It’s OVER!

They just don’t know it yet.  This is in the packet for Monday’s meeting:

Since the meeting is at 5:30, why don’t we show up and see what’s for dinner?

Better yet, ask the aldermen why us mere peons have to cut expenses when there isn’t enough income but they don’t have to?

David Hales will attempt to horrify by going straight to cutting police officers and maybe a couple of firemen.  We’ve seen this script before played out year after year.

That million dollars that was stolen from the Coliseum would come in handy now wouldn’t it?

It’s way past time for YOU to feel pain instead of taxpayers.

  • No travel anywhere
  • No more Council dinners
  • Cut employee benefits
  • End pension spiking
  • Either end the funding to the EDC and BN Advantage or fire your economic development guy
  • Decide the Coliseum breaks even in two years or it is shut down
  • Decide the BCPA breaks even in two years or it is shut down
  •  No consultants for any reason for an entire year
  • No new employees for any reason, even replacements for one year
  • No new projects for one year – projects aren’t progress, they are the opposite

Funding GAP is more than gone!

It’s only $1.5 million.  That much is thrown away every month just on obvious items.

Until employee compensation is brought in line with the private sector – not what other cities pay – the City of Bloomington does not deserve the support of the people they are stealing from.

Until entertainment spending ends – the City of Bloomington does not deserve the support of the people they are stealing from.

Until the lies end – the City of Bloomington does not deserve the support of the people they are stealing from.

Are these people too dense to see they are following in the State of Illinois footsteps?  Can’t say no to anything!

Only you can make it clear they are finished partying at your expense.







7 thoughts on “Monday: Funding Gap! Ha Ha

  1. These are all things that would bring the city government into line with what private employers do all the time. They watch every dime they spend and get rid of things that are costing them money. Why is this so hard? But then private companies have to actually go out and make their money… while city government just steals more from the citizens because they can? Our city government is like that little spoiled rich kid you used to know. He always had what he wanted (no matter how stupid or unnecessary) but didn’t know the value of a dollar…he was just handed money by his parents. Our city government is just like that spoiled little rich kid and your guessed it?….is pretty much worthless and respected by no one.


  2. Well Stated Diane!! NOW IF EVERYONE who reads this would forward it to THEIR council idiot. Maybe, just MAYBE they’d get a clue…


  3. The gap is much more than $1.5M. There is an outstanding “one time loan” of $2.2M from the employee health account. Read the “fine print.” The gap also doesn’t include debt. It doesn’t include capital lease–equivalent to credit card debt. Revenues have been flat for more than half of a decade. Taxes & fees have been increased multiple times since Renner has been in office. There are 3 TIF districts. Nearly $3M has been spent on property in downtown for redevelopment. Don’t forget the cost for the design firm for signage. The cost of the signs are not included. Last Monday the Council was talking about making a commitment to the Creativity Center. Downtown catalyst??? Library expansion??? Water park??? Athletic center??? The list goes on. Does anyone see basic services in the above list?


  4. Yikes!! Diane and Skunk make great points and let’s only hope the Council takes heed! I know, it’s wishful thinking, but Im still hoping some of the Council might come to their senses. Any further consideration of a new library or library expansion, should stop immediately. Diane has pointed out using the city’s own stats, that usesge is down. Why do we need a Water Park? Athletic Center? Let’s take care of our essential needs and debt first. No more TIF Districts! None! Start selling off all the unused property the city owns. Start reevaluating all the subsidies we send to the EDC and BN Advantage. Go through the same exercise for any other governmental unit like the Town of Normal and the History Museum. Determine why the subsidy was originally needed, and then determine if the subsidy needs to be lowered or eliminated altogether. Evaluate all accounts receivables paying particular attention to the Water bills. What are the past due balances of all revenue sources? What is the aggragate total of all past due funds? I bet it’s well over 1.5 million buckaroos excluding past due development and tap on fees. Oh yes, why doesn’t the city collect those past due balances as well, and stop letting Developers getting away with not paying their fair share. Simply said, clean up your receivables and stay on top of it daily. Last, no more travel and conferences. If a conference has internet access great by all means that’s cost effective. But traveling to Washington DC or Nevada for a working vacation is not good use of the taxpayers money. It might be good for making connections to further ones personal political ambitions, but the taxpayer should not have to pay for that expense.


  5. You are right Diane. It is up to the people of Bloomington to take away the P card , the free meals, the endless all expense paid trips , the consultants , the whole mess! The city council works for the people of Bloomington! If this was a private business, Tari and the gang would have been out on their ears years ago. Real businesses do not allow such frills & freebies.


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