Who called the officer to the retreat?

By:  Diane Benjamin

The City of Bloomington claims no calls exist!

Evidently an officer took it upon himself to show up at the City Council retreat at The Den just for fun.

The report I received showed he stayed for an hour.  That’s an hour he wasn’t out patrolling or doing other work.  Bloomington wants you to believe nobody called.   I’ve posted the retreat audio, it doesn’t show a problem needing an officer existed.  https://blnnews.com/2017/11/08/49548/

There was a discussion between Angela Scott and Tari Renner BEFORE the meeting.    He wanted to meet with her privately, she said NO.  Did the officer “sense” the mayor had a problem and show up on his own?

If the officer arrived because of a private call only to intimidate, that would be a crime.  Another FOIA has been filed.

Meanwhile, here’s what I received:  17-11-1227 CAD

Why is there a Call for Service report without a call?

Why does the report say “Call created”

Why was an “Incident Created” when there wasn’t an incident?

Why does the report say “Dispatched”

If the City thought security was needed, why didn’t he stay all day?  When he left, the only note is “Available for call”.

Maybe $109,958.39 Officer Fanelli can explain why he showed up and who called him?    http://www.cityblm.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=12646

The retreat start time was 7:30.  The officer arrived after it started.  The audio proves no problems existed at 7:39:53.  Why did Officer Fanelli hang around until 8:40:23?

Does the Council want the questions answered since a crime may have been committed?

So many questions, ZERO answers.  To be continued . . . .


12 thoughts on “Who called the officer to the retreat?

  1. Perhaps Tari believed that Angela Scott’s opinions were another “physical” assault on him. Tari… do you feel the need for police protection to save you from the taxpayers opinions?

  2. I suspect under the table it was decided to have an officer on site should the public show up and disrupt the retreat before it started or after it started. Tari wouldn’t be a bit paranoid about Bruce Meeks showing up would he? Just sayin.

    1. The retreat is an open meeting. If the Council felt it necessary to have an officer present, that should have been arranged in advance—no call necessary.
      I’ll have to check if the Den is a gun free zone.

  3. Went to a Diana Hauman coffee last year and she had a cop there. Maybe “The 6” council members called him to protect them from Tari?

  4. Did he sit next to her? Did he sneer at her? Did he make goo goo eyes? Did he pass gas her way? Did he stick his tongue put? Did he flip her off? Did he put his thumb to his nose and look her way? Did he wiggle his ears and twitch his nose?

    1. Kevin the police officer was totally appropriate. This is not about a police officer doing anything out of line. I feel like the police are being abused by The Mayor or maybe even Council. It’s about a lie. It’s about dishonesty to the public and the attempts made to silence citizens. There is more to this story.

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