What “Welcoming Ordinance” people want it to say

The below is from the website of one of the groups supporting a “Welcoming Ordinance”.

Click this link to see the rest of the website:    http://www.illinoispeoplesaction.org/welcoming-cities.html

(Click to enlarge)

This is an old picture from my archives:




  1. old stanky says:

    There’s about 42 people in that picture. Looks like they had to do a close up to make it look like the area was packed. Lol.


  2. debra jeakins says:

    The policy forgot something: Stopping the police from protecting citizens of Bloomington against violence perpetrated by the Illegals. Bloomington is now a small version of Peoria, if this passes it will be a version of Chicago. The Citizens should DEMAND the city council reject this proposal because it puts ALL OF BLOOMINGTON & NORMAL citizens in potential danger! Failure to stop it proves the City Council is only interested in PC not the safety of the citizens who pay their salaries !


  3. debra jeakins says:

    As a woman I’m scared enough shopping in Bloomington guess its time to find another city to spend my money


  4. It appears to me that it may not have been a coincidence that the welcoming ordinance group showed up at the Council meeting. Renner was quick to say he would schedule a special meeting in December.


  5. WOW! Consideration the risk of deportation when arresting someone? What the hell. So if someone breaks laws instead of arresting them don’t consider the fact they have broken the law, but if they will be deported. I want that kind of protection. Hell to the NO! Seriously the police are pressuring me because Tari does not feel safe with the truth, but if I were an undocumented immigrant I would have be protected from this kind of stuff? I’m on fire right now.


    • This would be creating a protected class of citizens, not because of race, gender, religious practice but because of illegal immigration status. This puts the Constitution upside down.


  6. Any private employer worth their salt and citizenship would IMMEDIATELY FIRE any criminal loving SCUM who appears in that picture. Done! Gone!! Let them starve!!!
    Can we work together, identify them and post their names? This is war. Conservatives just haven’t awakened to realize that yet.


    • old stanky says:

      Looking at Renner and Schmidt who are employed by IWU, send the pic to those hardworking American IWU graduates that have their kids in school at IWU or donate to the communist institution. Yeah there’s alot of IWU alumni around here.
      Also next time you see a pickup truck in a parking lot somewhere sporting a “Proud to be Union” bumper sticker attach a note to the windshield about Majtekas (whatever his name is) support of illegals driving down wages and stealing union jobs.


  7. You barons of reason do realize that Sanctuary City is just a weaponized term? No city has been beyond the reach of federal officials. It would be in the best interest to have a good relationship with state and federal law enforcement resources because there not enough if them to solve crimes as it is. Now you want police officers to contact ICE whenever—and let us be honest here because I doubt someone with a Russian accent would be scrutinized—a Latino(a) is stopped for a traffic violation, they are turned over to ICE? Never mind them being a good citizen and contributing to society. If you are catching them at the border or as a result of serious crimes, have at it. But to scare people who are otherwise good citizens is not Christian.


    • Re-read your last line. See if you can spot the problems with that statement


    • It’s the very last statement that “kills the bill!” I have been very vocal about not tearing families apart and my serious dislike of private prisons. This belief that local officers are calling ICE when they pull someone over is hysteria and a lie. It’s just not at the level this group of individuals is speaking of. It’s trying to change laws that have been and are established for good reason. Go through the courts not the Council. That’s how the system is meant to work. This ordinance at its core is so unbalanced it has to be illegal. Councils do not overturn laws, because if they could then Trump could. And really does anyone want that?


  8. debra jeakins says:

    Check out todays headline. White woman killed by illegal yet illegal gets away with murder


  9. garibaldi says:

    The next issue will be that mexican immigrants are ancestors of native americans and they will be afforded those rights also. Isn’t one of the democratic hopefuls have an alleged native american background???


  10. Abe Lincoln’s Cryin His Eyes Out says:

    Congress can still pass Kates Law, and then federal funding can be withheld from those cities implementing Sanctuary Cities aka Welcoming Cities. Kates Law would nullify Obama’s Federal Judges recent ruling that they can not withhold federal funds even though Obama did do it when certain states refused to let boys into girls restrooms, another means the AG and DOJ is considering to arrest Governors,Mayors, and City Councils who pass Welcoming City or Sanctuary City ordinances/ statutes. It’s against the law to usurp Federal Law because Federa Law TRUMPS all state and local laws according to the Constitution. Only those laws not enumerated in Constitution are reserved for the states. Pucker up Renner, you’ll be pulling on an elephant ear walking around the cellblock.


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