Dale’s Rock has a home

By:  Diane Benjamin

The City of Bloomington evidently didn’t want the memorial to a 16-year-old boy murdered by a drunk driver while riding his bicycle.

Jefferson Park in El Paso agreed in only 4 days to the rock being placed there.  Dale attended grade school in El Paso and junior high in their system.

Dale’s family hopes to have it placed in time for the one anniversary of Dale’s death on August 20th.  I believe WEEK News 25 is going to do a story.

Bloomington may dedicate a bench in Miller Park to Dale.  We are still waiting to hear.

5 thoughts on “Dale’s Rock has a home

  1. Praying for Dale and his family. Glad the rock found a home. Glad it wasn’t in Bloomington, though. I hope motorists drive sober and safe and keep an eye out for the most vulnerable users of the road, like people on bikes.


  2. Just as well that it’s not in Bloomington. They’re more interested in protecting the criminals in this town and not holding them properly accountable. The rock, in ElPaso, is in a better place. Thank you to the good people there.


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