Quality of Life Fail

By:  Diane Benjamin

When Quality of Life is built without funds to maintain it, this is what you get:


This is the golf cart path at the Den.

In January the City used their credit card (capital lease) to buy new carts  $153,274.35    https://blnnews.com/2019/01/28/fox-creek-gets-new-golf-carts-tonight/

Shouldn’t the path be fixed BEFORE the new carts?

Remember the bike path built from Chenoa to Funks Grove?

Forget that few use it.  This is what it will look like in a few years.  Nobody is going to maintain it either.

I don’t see fixing the path in next year’s budget.  David Sage?  It’s your Ward.


5 thoughts on “Quality of Life Fail

  1. Renner’s Attitude: “We’re not gonna fix no stinkin golf courses–they’re just for rich, white Republicans. I want them all dead!!” But bike paths….OH YEAH! Sure, they tend to be used by wealthy , white people, too. But BIKE BLONO helps fund my campaign….and, along with Antifa serves as my “Enforcers”.

    “Gotta have priorities, ya’ know!”


  2. Quick fix- off road golf carts with wenches endorsed by Arnold Palmer, golf boots instead of golf shoes.
    Keep it Diane. Show no mercy to anyone who does not deserve it.

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    1. Wenches? On every cart? Talk about quality of life. Golf might just get interesting!

      NB I know what you meant, but could not resist. No offense meant.


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