Bloomington Taxpayers Celebrate!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tomorrow the entire crew will be out filling potholes!

The bad news is they will be paid overtime for 8 hours.

Worse news:  Today they all got off paid two hours early after a pizza party.

No word on who paid for the pizza.  This is the second year – it’s to celebrate the end of the great trash pickup.

(Secret:  It isn’t quite done, they still have 2-3 days to go)


14 thoughts on “Bloomington Taxpayers Celebrate!

  1. Anybody who reads this should understand that, under the Renner regime, most City employees are now THE ENEMY, and interactions with them need to keep that in mind. The days of “Good Ol’ Neighbor Joe, who works for the City” are now long past. After 6 years of Tari’s hiring (and firing) practices, that city employee is very possibly a hardcore Marxist, deviant, Antifa Terrorist or Black Lives Matter Thug–bad people who will do bad things to you. Beware!


  2. I can’t fault the city crews themselves. I know many and they work hard at their jobs. They do what they are instructed and the management above has limited resources. If your entire crew has to go out on overtime to patch potholes that tells me without a doubt there is an overwhelming number of potholes in our city. Some roads are just a solid area of patches as the road base. I am glad to see them focusing on the tire wrecking potholes but it’s a bandaid to a much bigger issue.


  3. When you start cross checking Bloomington City employees with social media posts, Federal Election Commission contribution records, and “dark side” chatter by McLean County Leftist organizations, you start discovering that many, many of then are a highly radicalized bunch. I hope that the problem is mainly “higher ups”–might be. But believe me–research a bit yourself–there IS a problem! The degree to which Tari Renner has corrupted a once great place to live is beyond belief!


  4. i cleaned my house today does that mean I can have a taxpayer funded party? in the real world you do not get a party every time you do your job. the city employees could never live in the real world where work means 40 hour weeks with zero parties to look forward to.
    this so reminds me of kindergarten,where if you were good at the end of the school year you got a play day. is this the mentality of our public workers? if so , it reflects the leaders of the city since they are the “bosses” .


  5. What’s new? Diane you do know the regular trash pick up folks get paid for a full 8 hours of work every day but usually are done with their routes and go home in 6 hours or less, right? So getting extra hours off and getting paid is the standard.


  6. Filling potholes is not the same as resurfacing when resurfacing is actually needed. I agree. Just a bandaid and a waste of taxpayer monry!


    1. I doubt they they work 60 hours every week and are not compensated. Like the city vehicle they get to drive home. Or the long lunches or getting to run errands during work hours. I would like to know how many supervisors there are compared to employees in public works? I would take the 85,000 and great benefits they get and work 60 hours a week.


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