Police Chief Sends Nasty Text, Why is he still employed?

By:  Diane Benjamin

A guy named Troy Eads is the Police Chief in Hume Illinois.  Anybody know why a town of 380 people needs a Police Chief?  He is also the Chairman of the Edgar County Emergency Telephone System Board.

The Edgar County Watchdogs published a picture of him possibly drinking on the street in front of the Hume Community Building.


It sure looks like a shot glass and a Bud Light.

The Village President is Troy’s brother, so he probably doesn’t care what the “police chief” does.

Chief Eads wasn’t happy the Watchdogs posted the picture.  He sent a nasty text to them, it may sound vaguely familiar:


That is interesting attire for a funeral.

One would think the Edgar County Board would care about this unprofessional conduct.  Do they?  Is this how public servants are allowed to act in Edgar County?

Time will tell!




23 thoughts on “Police Chief Sends Nasty Text, Why is he still employed?

  1. I can’t find that post. Based on a comment from the wife, this was a get together after the funeral. That’s certainly not what we did after our parent’s funerals but to each his own!

  2. Looks like he is trying to say it was a photo op. It could be construed as this one is for you and the life you lived. Okay, I can see that. But his response and complaint is unworthy of a civil servant, for that matter of any person.
    I feel it brings a big question as to whether he can conduct himself properly in the field if he is upset by a person he is arresting. Anger such as he has displayed here and threatening someone is unacceptable conduct for someone in his type of job. His conduct is exactly and possibly worse than Tari’s. For the time being if I were an Edgar County watchdog, I would travel thru Hume as a group and video rolling.

  3. This is what happens in government when an incompetant individual gets elected and or appointed. These issues continue to snowball if they are not addressed. We have a group “San Jose Watchdog” located in central Illinois. We have a lot of the same issues going on within our police department and board members. San Jose Illinois is a small town of 700. We have a police Dept that has 3 full time officers and several part-time. They have implemented an impound ordinance and bring in upwards of $10,000 a month. Fedseral judge in New Mexico has ruled this unconstitutional. These small governments need exposed for the unethical, illegal and unconstitutional practices. Keep up the good work!

  4. Wait. Nobody here is connecting the dots of where this could lead? Bloomington needs a police chief! I think it’s a perfect fit!

  5. Each and every one of us celebrate the life of a loved one differently, maybe he wasnt a suit n tie kind of guy. I dont see anything wrong with what they are wearing. As for the drinks they could have taken the photo somewhere else besides the front of the building.

  6. What are you accusing him of doing? Drinking on the job? No. You state POSSIBLE drinking in front a building. For Pete’s sake. Do you or Edgar Watch busybodies have anything else to do with your lives? Let’s see they’re celebrating someone’s life with a toast. Stop the presses. That’s not any of your business to say the least. The fact that he sent a “nasty” text when someone decided to butt into his personal life is is understandable.

    1. 1) How do you know he isn’t lying about the funeral?
      2) Drinking on a public street in front of the Community Building is probably illegal. Does the police chief know that, or do laws only apply to other people?
      3) What about the underage kid?

      1. Probably illegal? Wow, you’re not even sure about that one, it appears you’re making things up as you go along. Under age drinking? Again you’re not sure about that either. So you have nothing to go on other than “maybes” and “possibles” with “reporting” like this no wonder someone would send a nasty text. Why don’t you get your facts straight before you push the publish button? It appears you have none.

        1. Try this: name ONE place where it’s legal to have open alcohol outside a government building in the street. Waiting . . .waiting . . . waiting
          That doesn’t include events where a special ordinance is passed.

  7. The Chief is the last person who should be calling anyone fat. The dude needs to hit the gym if he’s going to be wearing the blue. Oh. darn, I don’t see anyone in blue. I see nothing but a bunch of thugs. Chief, if you’re reading this, you’re a disgrace, you’re a punk, and your Peace Officer Cert. should be revoked. Also, you communicated an implied threat by computer. Tsk tsk. The States Attorney in EC should take this before a grand jury and have you indicted u jerk. The ECW writer is “ pleasantly plump”, you’re a slob Chief.

  8. If someone had a concern with the picture and felt a law has been broken, why not call the Sheriff’s Office or State Police and ask they investigate? I’m all for holding public officials accountable, but why not leverage the appropriate process that is in place for criminal matters. As for the Chief’s response, it’s far from professional and something he should have just ignored, or rather, taken the high road to explain the circumstances. Making threats and accusations just put more fuel on a fire that likely didn’t need to start in the first place.

      1. That’s really unfortunate, Diane. Did you ever hear why a charge was not materialized based on the evidence you submitted? While I’m sure there are a ton of examples you could provide over the years, I hope there are an equal number of examples in which the criminal justice system worked as it should. As for this situation, I don’t personally see a criminal violation that a SA would likely prosecute, but if I was council/board member in Hume, I would be more concerned about the conduct of the Chief and how quickly he flew off the handle in response to the article. Even considering it was a “personal” issue, is he able to keep his cool when confronted with other sensitive situations that require law enforcement to maintain a highly professional and ethical approach?

  9. “Trying to save your job Troy? The article says Community building because that’s where the pic was taken!”

    “possibly drinking on the street in front of the Hume Community Building.”

    Again POSSIBLY drinking on the street. You’re not sure, you’re not even sure that there’s a minor drinking. You stated that Mr. Eads was lying about his father-in-law dying, when in fact his father-in-law died on May 9 of this year. What’s the punishment for drinking in front of municipal building? A fine? Probably. All of this is a “gotcha” from people who have too much time on their hands. You, like the busybody Watchdogs sit around perusing for minor infractions like a son-in-law saluting his late father-in-law with a drink. You then generate fake outrage because you have no life and you want clicks on your blog. Jeez, who appointed you sit in judgement of anyone? No one.

  10. LOL Diane , i think you know me .. I was raised in Hume , moved up to your neighborhood almost 30 years ago .. it’s just a recycle of “the every couple of years small town blow up” . It started over a month ago when the Watchdogs stated that possibly the two positions Troy held were in conflict ( short version ) maybe , maybe not .

    But through all of this , let’s face it , the Watchdogs have acted like children making fun of education levels , spelling , punctuation , and words chosen . Is that Journalism or is it children with an axe to grind ? They claim the protections of being the media , that actually implies professionalism , which, their article is lacking .

    Yes , Troy could have handled it better , he did act kind of like a jerk , so ? He’s human and wasn’t acting in an official capacity at the time . I’ve known him since he was like 5 , he’s never claimed to be perfect .

    Was Seth drinking or just holding the glass and can ? It cannot be proven that the can was full or that his shot glass didn’t contain tea or other non-alcoholic liquid . I used to irritate the local cops with bottles of IBC root beer , not that they cared if we drank , as long as we didn’t act ignorant or cause trouble . They did tell our parents when they saw them though .

    All in all small town drama , and little more than a way to pass time following and discussing it .

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