Liquor License Denied to Park Pantry

By:  Diane Benjamin

By a vote of 5-4 the Liquor License recommended by Tari Renner’s Liquor Commission was denied.

4 members of the council supported the license:  Scott Black, Jamie Mathy, Julie Emig, and Jeff Crawbill.  Reasons given were to support a large investment on the west side and a review of the license after 6 months,

The Alderman for the Ward, Jenn Carrillo, did not support it because the neighbors didn’t.  Other comments questioned alcohol sales close to the City’s premier park (Miller Park).  The Liquor Code was referred to by 2 aldermen.  It requires a need to be clear before new licenses are issued.  Several felt that burden of proof was not met.

Video will be posted tomorrow.






5 thoughts on “Liquor License Denied to Park Pantry

  1. This will just give Hucks more business, as if they NEEDED it! BUY LOCAL.
    As a side note, that “liquor store” has been a staple there since I grew up around MIller Park. IF the city hadn’t TRIED to make the park a “destination” and left it a park, they WOULD NOT have all the problems the NOW have. I used to play ball there, bike ride, swim, etc. Now I don’t go NEAR the place, as it has become a circus. And NOT in a good way.


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