Comments Closed – What the media didn’t show

I’ve seen enough foul language from supporters of the event.  Lots of great character out their folks.  All comments will be deleted from now on.

By:  Diane Benjamin

The below are pictures from the daytime family show at the Bloomington Pride event.  I wonder what happened at the 8:00 pm show if this is family entertainment?

Kids were present watching this.

This is how “pride” is celebrated?  How much of this did taxpayers have to fund?  Police?


49 thoughts on “Comments Closed – What the media didn’t show

  1. Utterly disgusting. The people who do expose their children to this depravity should be ashamed of themselves. (Yes, I know, they are completely incapable of such emotions.)

    1. Interested to hear what you think about taking kids to pools or beach. People are dressed in much less clothing there.

      Or your views on taking kids to concerts. Most female artists wear short skirts, dresses, shorts, etc. and they’re getting paid to do that just like these performers.

      In fact, men go around without shirts completely in the summer and women wear short shorts… so you may want to keeps kids inside and/or fenced in with a very high fence to keep them from seeing anything that could “corrupt” them.

      1. If you concern is really for kids (which I doubt it is), then there are so many “provocative” places that they would see much more than this and much more often than this event.

        If you’ve ever been to a drag event you would know that it’s full of some of the most uplifting people.

  2. Who appointed you judge of anything? Or your commenters?. No one was forcing you or anyone to attend this event. If children were there they got a education in tolerance and acceptance. That’s more than I can say about your bigotry and intolerance. Your constant homophobic and racist positions are a disgrace. The real “illness” is the inability to accept those who are different. I bet anything that if these people were dressed as clowns, you’d have no problem. Cross dressing is no different, it’s performance art. If you can’t fathom that, I feel sorry for you and your readers.

      1. “The drag show is an entertainment which is performed by drag artists, both men and women.

        Many drag shows feature performers singing or lip-synching to songs while performing a pre-planned pantomime, or dancing. The performers often don elaborate costumes and makeup, and sometimes dress to imitate various famous opposite sex singers or personalities. And some events are centered around drag, such as Southern Decadence where the majority of festivities are led by the Grand Marshals, who are traditionally drag queens.” Men acting and dressing as women goes back centuries to Shakespeare and ancient Greece and Rome. Women also acted an dressed as men on stage. Again who are you to judge what entertainment? People who think like you are narrow minded.

        1. People like you want to force your views on other people. It was an ugly public display that didn’t need to be held on a public street that requires tax money. Next time rent the coliseum, they need performers. .

      2. listen, we don’t shame your infatuation with ruining everyone’s acceptance of being who they are until you make a point to share it, unnecessarily. get a life, retire, knock the dust off, we’re bored. next.

    1. Francine,
      Exotic dancing for money is not allowed within the City limits, much less on the streets of Downtown. That form of entertainment belongs in an adult establishment. One could consider this discrimination against female exotic dancers.
      A parade of female impersonators along with their supporting community would be more appropriate as a daytime activity. Even a contest for best dressed would be fun for all ages. I am not a prude nor judgemental. The public performances were in poor taste in my opinion.

    2. If you’re acquainting clowns as being the exact same thing as a cross dressing free, then you are one sick individual

  3. In Shakespeare’s time, women were not allowed to act on stage, so men had to take the women’s parts. Women did not act on stage until about 300 years ago, and then only as women. Definitely not the same thing as a “Drag Queen show”. And in Greece and Rome both, pornography was rampant, sexual deviance was normal, in fact every sort of sexual deviance including bestiality was “normal”. So what you are saying is that if it was OK 2000 or more years ago, it should still be OK today? In other words we are basically still animals, and have not advanced at all? Is that what you really want?

    1. Many cities have had pride parades and drag shows for YEARS. It seems to be only a problem on this blog. Both Greece and Rome were great civilizations that gave us our democracy and our modern culture. Your contention of sexual deviance of these cultures is off base, it’s historically wrong. It’s a serious misreading of ancient culture of both Greece and Rome. They wouldn’t have survived for thousands of years if what you argue is true.

      What about our modern pornography aimed at objectivizing women? Why is that acceptable male pastime? I bet anything that you had a Playboy magazine sometime in the past. Does that make you a sexual deviant? In this country there is a lot of sexual deviance with underground pornography on the internet. So your argument about ancient cultures falls flat.

      Drag shows are a performance art just like clowns or any man dressing as a women or a woman dressing as a man.

  4. If it were women performing in these outfits I am absolutely positive you wouldn’t have a problem with it and you would not think it’s inappropriate for children to see. Isn’t being hateful and judge mental exhausting? Does it not make you feel icky? Why not write about something or spend your time doing something that makes you feel good or builds people up? Hundreds of people loved this event and the amazing atmosphere and positive energy it had. Let people enjoy things. If you don’t want to be there or see it, don’t go. I’m sure the kids parents were well aware of what they were bringing them to.

  5. As I said in a post last week: Sexual deviance and perversion has become secular sacraments to the Left. They will defend it, even if it tears civilization apart. Some would even kill to promote it. Mark my words, we have some of those people right here in McLean County–probably even in elected offices.

      1. The only one who is showing hate at this event is you. Why can’t you let people who are different from you exist peacefully? Nobody who was at the event was forced to be there, and the street was even blocked off. I suggest you get a life instead of hating on people. I’d also like to say that… all the performers are covered up? And the music itself was the radio edit of everything. Nothing there was anything more than what a child would see nowadays on daytime television… Stop being so hateful. History will show you to be on the wrong side as a hateful bitch with nothing more to show for herself except a blog she pretends to be a news source because even the local conservative news recognizes her as a batty old woman with nothing to say and nothing to do with her life.

  6. I don’t understand the backlash to these performances? Everyone pictured is covered up well enough to be decent and most performances are just lip syncing and dancing. What’s wrong with kids seeing that during the day?

  7. Diane,

    You are a sad excuse of a human being. Fuck you and your tax dollars. Please fall off a cliff.


    1. You are an example of why birth control should have been practiced by your parents….see I could put you in your place without resorting to your low class words. No doubt you fell off the cliff and hit your head a long time ago.

  8. The Alt-Leftist Democrats (Communists) push this twisted Sodomite mental illness as if it’s the norm because their goal is to destroy all morality and bring our nation down to get their global nightmare of total big brother government control! As Marx himself wrote, the main avenue for Communism is Socialism!!!

    1. And as the Great Maggie, PM, taught us: “Socialism and Communism are two sides of the same coin”.

  9. Diana – You are trying to spark fear and misunderstanding of a great event. It is that narrative that makes a community become segmented and can potentially lead to violent acts against the LGBTQ community. I’ll pray for you and hope that love will replace the hate and fear you are trying to spread.

    1. Where is hate? This doesn’t belong in a public street. The hate I hear is coming from the pretend tolerant. Don’t agree with them and they hate. Violence is always from the left, check history.

    2. A great event….ha. It should be kept out of the public streets. Much like the fact I consider taking a dump is a great event after 3 days of no go. I won’t do that in public so I suggest you do the same.

  10. This story is hate in full disguise. If you do not agree with an event that is not harming anyone, is not preaching violence, and really isn’t showcasing sexuality, DON’T GO! No one was stripping. No one was showing their breasts or genitals. This isn’t all over dancing and singing or the children. This “news story” hides behind fear and ignorance. Creating a story that allows people to come together to bash something, is shameful. Your news is opinion, not facts. Everyone I know will be boycotting your news.

  11. let me guess: the mothers/fathers that took their young children to this depraved outing are the same ones who stood there supporting the “poor children” at the border . dragging (no pun intended) their kids to this event is nothing short of child endangerment. curious to see how much the taxpayers forked out for this.

  12. Have you ever tried to get to know a drag queen? Have you ever even talked to one? Have you ever LISTENED to what they have to say? Or is it just based off of what you been told. What does the Bible say about judging? Can’t wait to hear what you have to say! Have a blessed day! May the lord open your eyes to love and understanding

      1. Have you ever been to pride before? Because I’m pretty sure you see a lot of things at pride during all hours! and here you have your panties ruffled because the drag queens are performing in the streets. STFU.

    1. YES! I know one. I’ve talked to one. We had a great conversation about where to shop for clothes. The person in question asked me about my purse and i told them i got it a goodwill and we were off talking clothes. we had a great conversation about shopping and since then when i see them we talk about shopping and local stuff. no muss no fuss no shame just two humans talking clothes shopping and the same mundane stuff. we talked about how we both go in for garage sales and such. i recommended a couple of places where clothes and stuff we both had in common were. i did not judge . i did not condemn we talked , two humans . i complained about the weather . they complained about the weather. JUDGED? you be the judge. did I condemn ? NO I talked. My mom and dad taught me to respect someone no matter who or what they are. I was taught that every person is an individual and in Gods eyes we are all the same. I was also taught NOT to force feed my beliefs to others as well. To bad some people did not learn that lesson.Oh by the by, I did not mention names nor did I mention sex because I too have the same rights as they do. its called the first amendment.

  13. I think the only reason this is a story is the fact it is on city public streets. If this was a private venue then to each his /her/they own. But alas if we don’t go along with everything thing (insert minority or special interest group) thinks we are racist sexist bigot homophobe xenophobe (did I miss one?). If there was a parade of crosses or other religious symbols I’m guessing the tolerance would be not so much.

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