Local Winner of America’s Ugliest Kitchen

By:  Diane Benjamin

See the story and video here:  https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/illinois-homeowner-wins-25-000-for-having-americas-ugliest-kitchen-300897723.html


Robin Kidwell, 69, a Bloomington, IL homeowner, won the $25,000 grand prize in a contest held by Figure, a home equity lender, to identify and help renovate America’s ugliest kitchen.

“I’ve got no counters, no light fixtures, the wiring’s bad, and one wall is missing,” says Robin, a retired janitor from Illinois State University. What is she looking forward to most in the renovation? “I’m almost 70 and I’ve never had a dishwasher.”

Robin and her husband live in the Dimmitt’s Grove neighborhood.  The house was built in the 1860s.

Congrats Robin!

6 thoughts on “Local Winner of America’s Ugliest Kitchen

  1. That IS one UGLY kitchen! I’d like to know WHO does the “makeover” as I’d walk in the door and go “WOW! Where to start”!
    Congratulations! I think..

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