Do I have to FOIA reports BCPA?

By:  Diane Benjamin

The last event report posted by the BCPA was from October 2:

bcpa events

Are they:

  • hiding losses?
  • afraid to show what happening at this TAXPAYER owned building?
  • on a long vacation?
  • way too busy to do a simple report?
  • coming to work late and leaving early?

Taxpayers deserve to know what the shows at the BCPA earn or lose.

Maybe the BCPA staff needs better supervision.  I’m not going to FOIA reports, I will continue to make these public servants look incompetent by reporting the lack of transparency!

Somebody on the Council should demand reports be posted within 10 days. 

Is it too difficult to at least appear to be doing your job?

Maybe the staff shouldn’t be housed in their own private playground at the Creativity Center.  Maybe the atmosphere isn’t conducive to actual work.



13 thoughts on “Do I have to FOIA reports BCPA?

      1. People should take turns going to city council meetings asking “Why don’t we just shut down the BCPA? According to their website their haven’t been any events since (Date).” In this case, Date is Oct 2, but if we consistently point out there hasn’t been anything there for well over a month, maybe they’ll get the hint, or at least get tired of the embarrassment of having to explain that people just aren’t doing their jobs.

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  1. The WHOLE twin cities is INCOMPETENT! Just look at the streets-SAME as LAST YEAR! Snow has ALREADY fallen and there are leaves everywhere.. Our street has had leaves out since BEFORE the snow, and they are STILL THERE!! So, Diane, just imagine IF the street workers can go this long without picking up leaves, IMAGINE what the UPPER MANAGEMENT (read Manager, Mayors and Councils) are doing?


      1. So from a retired VP at Big Red to BLM Mayor to an IT Manager at Connect-Transit. I guess a reverse double-dip for him. Luckily he probably won’t be there long enough to vest in a pension.

        Interesting for a business its size they have a General Manager, a COO, and separate HR and Finance Directors.

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      2. It’s not working for me however, Renner is still way worse than Stockton was as mayor. I could go on but neither are worth the time.


  2. The Downtown Cabal and “cultured” elites are always quick to tout the arts and quality of life amenities, yet can never seem to produce a simple report or evidence of any success. Pretty telling. Given the lack of events, as pointed out in the comments above, the staff should have plenty of time to click a few keyboard keys. The Council doesn’t have the chops to ask questions or is in on the BCPA racket. Last time there was a slight whisper of changing up the BCPA, the Downtown nutjobs and arts community threw a hissy fit and Tari proclaimed that the BCPA was safe under his watch. [Rolling my eyes] By the way, whatever happened to that friends of the BCPA group?

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