One More Item for Bloomington tonight

By:  Diane Benjamin

See PDF page 56:

This is on the Consent Agenda:

consnet racing

sports and fitness

I wonder if the “applicant” requested the Special Use Permit or the City found out about the track and instigated it.

The track is already built.  See PDF page 67, the race cars aren’t for people to ride in, they are miniature models.  The following page has a picture of the track.

Nordine’s had to appear before the Planning Commission.  As part of the Special Use Permit, Nordine’s has to install a bike rack for at least 2 bikes.  They also have to receive an “occupancy permit” from the building Safety Commission.

The documentation starts on page 56 and doesn’t end until page 91.  Imagine how long it would be if the track wasn’t already built.

The cost to Nordine’s is not included.  Neither is the staff costs involved preparing information for the Planning Commission and then the City Council.  The cost of a public hearing and notification of neighbors isn’t stated either.

PDF page 71 shows a lot of these cars on the track:


Why would any business locate in Bloomington when an existing dirt track had to go through all this?  When was the track actually built?  

Anybody ever see anything but leaves and cars using the bike lanes?



12 thoughts on “One More Item for Bloomington tonight

  1. So you 1) Don’t think anyone should have to attain a building permit when they obviously built a dirt track without a permit. What did you say about laws? 2) You think that miniature model race cars should be able to go in the bicycle lanes. O. K. nice to hear from the looney bin.


  2. Diane, I think you confused someone with your adding this quip about the non-use of bike lanes “Anybody ever see anything but leaves and cars using the bike lanes?” Anyone that has driven in Bloomington-Normal realize that the bike lanes are seldom used, yet the town and city insists that bike racks be installed? Wonder if some local bike shop has a deal with selling these bike racks? Would that be a quid per quo?

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  3. Ridiculous! Let’s be clear, I certainly think there should probably be some sort of permit process for spaces open to the public, though not a complex labyrinth of steps (and tripwires) that the City appears to have laid out. Also, a bike rack has nothing to do with a special use permit nor operating a business generally; it’s an ideological demand using the power and force of government to compel. If customers want a bike rack, a business owner will surely buy for one for their customers to use. As we all know, there’s virtually no marketplace demand for bike services in Bloomington-Normal; it’s a fantasy of the ideologues in local government.

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      1. Interesting. Can’t wait. The new community I live in is very business-friendly. They brag and compete with neighboring towns as to who has the more streamlined permitting and licensing process. Anyway, I now wonder if the original intent of the local business registration by Tari was to identify businesses (and owners) he didn’t like or want (i.e. not the “right” fit) so they could be tormented with permits, fees, and other interference. Hmm…

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  4. Things to consider. The cars are adult toys. They run on a track that is inside, which does keep the noise down for the public’s benefit. Is Nordines charging in anyway for using this? Just to get a size relationship, 68 feet long is just about the length of a semi truck with a 53 foot trailer, and 38 foot is the length of some camper types being pulled with a pickup truck. Several years ago, Slot Car’s got so popular that Slot Car Tracks became the norm, but alas shortly they went away. Could this “fad” be just a passing fun thing until another fun things comes along?


  5. Would like to point out that an event that was to take place at Nordines and had to be moved to Lincoln because of the “red tape” brought 200 entries. That meant 40 or so hotel rooms booked, many meals eaten, gas purchased etc. While the mostly men raced their wives who tagged along went shopping, checked out a winery etc. I’m sure the cities of Lincoln and Springfield thank you for the dollars spent, not in Bloomington.

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