Bloomington: Budget History

By:  Diane Benjamin

Total Budget 4/30/15    $180,426,393

Total Budget 4/30/22    $230,300,000    (proposed budget)

SEVEN year increase of $49,873,607  (Total increase of 27.6%)

Note below:   The 2015 budget was a 6.5% increase over 2014.


2015 budget

2021 budget


4 thoughts on “Bloomington: Budget History

  1. Crazy high increase when inflation is running about 2 to 3 %. No population increase to justify it. Just sock it to the taxpayers more for more and more staff.

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  2. Trying to play Devil’s advocate, I calculated that that’s only about 3.55% average annual increase. But then I checked and found out that is about Double the rate of inflation over that time frame!
    (And that’s not including the 5.6% mentioned in the article, which is even worse!)

    Typical government Too big, and getting too bigger. Time to vote in better people.

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  3. A recent post referenced Champaign’s budget. 8,000 more population than Bloomington, but Bloomington’s budget is 2 1/2 times higher. Wonder where the differences are?

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