Arena Events – all profits!

By:  Diane Benjamin

event 1

event 2

4 ISU hockey events are also posted.  Even with dismal attendance the profits were:  $1,727.26, $2,269.16, $2,458.26, and $1,997.42.  Most of the profit is from charging $2000 to play there.

This year the City projected Arena:

revenues of $4,883,795

expenses of $5,219,846  –  for a loss of $336,051.

For the year beginning May 1st, the City is projecting:

Revenue:  $5,001,799

Expenses: $5,001,799

Sounds legit!

PDF page 52 –




One thought on “Arena Events – all profits!

  1. ANYTHING that comes out of the arena that SOUNDS “legit” is just written on paper, and NOT a reflection of future income.. More like a “pie in the sky” kind of thing.


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