Flashback 2014, what we don’t see anymore

By:  Diane Benjamin

I was searching my site for one name mentioned in this 2014 story, sorry no hints.

Maybe you too have forgotten how bad the PCard spending was in 2014.  Happily we don’t see this excessive eating at your expense anymore, just occasionally now.

Relive the “free lunch” Tari used to claim didn’t exist:



7 thoughts on “Flashback 2014, what we don’t see anymore

  1. Oh I did not forget. Always figured he had to sell his big house to downsize as he wasn’t getting those free lunches anymore. He did move up a little from the PCard thievery to Japan travel. Well he tried.

  2. I thought the ISP was looking into Mayor Renner’s PC Card abuse? Apparently, that investigation is left to die on choke on its own cobwebs and dust. Back in the day, I considered the ISP a trustworthy, respected part of IL government, but the Renner investigation and ISP’s ongoing fumbling of the FOID Card Administration makes me think the ISP is another group of slow moving IL bureaucrats.

  3. STILL, the ISP SHOULD do THEIR job! As Jason is basically WORTHLESS!
    Just ASK Barton McNeil or Misook Nowland!
    How about that Jason? You have a gut doing 60 years that IS NOT guilty. And YOU KNOW IT!

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