The business killer in Bloomington

By: Diane Benjamin

Why would any business decide to locate in Bloomington when a member of the City Council retweeted this:

Black Lives Matter lost all credibility when they bailed looters out of jail. People of all political persuasions know theft and destruction of other people’s property is wrong.

Looks like Jenn thinks it’s fine.

Carrillo is for the Progressive Income Tax Amendment, just another reason it must be defeated.

Basic economics must not have been a required course at ISU.







19 thoughts on “The business killer in Bloomington

  1. Koos and company just denied local companies the opportunity bid on town work. Remember the wellness program contract last month? Pam knew the company existed and refused to let them bid. Turns out one of the owners of a local wellness provider also own a company that is in direct competition to Kevin McCarty’s training company. Can you say collusion. Being elected in Normal means you can snuff out your competition. Kevin and Jenn should trade strategies.

  2. Trump may be despised but he understands businesses wont open if there is constant looting and property damage. Without businesses no jobs available. Without jobs no money being made to pay taxes. No tax money means no money for the government handouts Jenn wants so badly. Jenn is showing the Democrat’s failed understanding of an economy. You get the government you vote for.

    1. What Trump doesn’t understand is the economy won’t fully recover until we’ve beaten the virus.

      1. 1) Define ‘beaten the virus’. a) Completely eradicated it from the face of the planet? b) Relegated it to secure biolabs? c) Reduced the impact to a manageable level?
        If you picked a or b, why? c is already a done deal, from a health perspective. The marginal death rate in McLean County is something like 0.02% and we have effective treatments. Is it Completely safe? Of course not, but literally Nothing is Completely safe. The virus risk and impact are comparable to the regular flu or driving a car or eating fast food.
        If you are contagious or highly susceptible, by all means please do take appropriate measures, but the best thing for society now is to get back to Real normal.

  3. Jenn a non black helped start the local Black Lives Matter. Than she defends the looting and burning down of black businesses setting these areas back decades. She also supports Planned Parenthood a organization founded to exterminate the black race. Who is the bigger threat to black people JENN or the Kkk

    1. She supports communism because she thinks she will be part of the leadership. When in reality, she will be dead of unnatural causes, just like millions of others. Communism isn’t healthy.

  4. She is advocating felonies.

    According to the IL Criminal Code…
    – “Looting is a Class 4 felony.“
    – “It is a Class 4 felony [or greater] when the damage to property [exceeds] $500.“

    You get the government you vote for. This is what happens when people don’t vote in local elections.

    (720 ILCS 5/25-1(d) & (b))

    1. I recently crossed paths with a young man who was arrested for participating in the local Target looting and he believes that all felony charges will be dropped and he will walk away with a misdemeanor. I will be interested to see the outcome.

  5. Look at the little communist colonizer. Appropriating “y’all.” She’s an infinitely stupid girl. I don’t agree with her, therefore burning her house down and blowing up her car is not “violent.” Say it back, y’all. The sword cuts both ways.

  6. Things that YOU can do:

    1. Register to vote
    2. Vote against everyone associated with the Democratic Communist Party
    3. Buy guns and ammo
    4. Train with your firearm
    5. Obtain a conceal carry permit
    6. Talk to your neighbors about protecting your homes from the Communists
    7. Donate to Anti-Communist politicians running for office
    8. Talk to your kids about what is going on and what they need to do during a Communist assault
    9. Home school your children
    10. Display the American Flag at every opportunity
    11. Permanently turn off the mainstream news media
    12. Support independent content creators (Send some money to Diane too)

  7. Today is another day that I just can’t find anything to say because the stupidity is so stupid. Demonrats take the cake. The Pricksters rate right up there with the wealthiest people in the world yet Jen supports that clown. Total hypocrite.

  8. Between these kind of “rants” and the “right fit” bantering, it’s a wonder we even have a downtown.

  9. My cynisism for everything BN/McLean County comes from personal life experiences professional and otherwise. I can relate from experience that only a few community leaders within the entire county ever have two craps about moving the area forward. State Farm was going to last forever, the occasional blue collar operation was only tolerated and never really wanted and ISU and IWU were always going to turn out the state’s teachers and local corporatists. You could count on both hands the number of people that really cared. Most were here to sleepwalk or BS their way to a comfortable lifestyle and retirement. Hooray for me and to hell with you should be adopted as the area’s tagline. Add in some loser carpetbaggers from Chicago and other various locales and what you see is what you get. Just in case you haven’t figured it out it gets a lot worse before you can even think about it getting better.

    1. Right you are, MPEABODY! This was my experience as well, before taking my business and leaving town. The level of naivete among business and local government “leaders” as to the future of the community is unbelievable. I can’t begin to count the number of times my theory that SF will continue to relocate personnel and dwindle down its presence in BN was dismissed and scoffed at. More specifically, the types of jobs/skillsets and income levels leaving BN and those taking their place. Yes, 14,000 jobs (for now)…but what kind of jobs? Nope. The response was “they’re a pillar of the community” and “they’ll always be here.” The local leadership just seems to be trying to run out the clock until their own retirement, and are only interested in “investing” resources (mostly taxpayer-funded) into the next restaurant to hold court during their 1.5-hour lunches or entertainment for weekends and weekday evenings where they peacock for their fellow posers.

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