Remember Judge Casey Costigan

By: Diane Benjamin

The information below was reported to me by a reliable source.


Mr. Brown shot through a door at his wife and kids in 2017.

Today Judge Costigan let him off with time served. He was not able to post bail of $30,000 and has been in jail since his arrest. The prosecution wanted him sentenced to the maximum of I believe 9 or 10 years.

See why you NEVER check YES on a ballot to retain judges?

I heard the mom is taking him back and she had the kids write loving notes to the judge.

7 thoughts on “Remember Judge Casey Costigan

  1. It”ll happen again. DCSf should remove the kids and find a responsible family member. He is clearly light on people that are lacking resources. Hah!

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  2. This is infuriating! Meanwhile, his kids remain safe and sound. Why are these kids important enough? Oh, they’re not wealthy BCC members. Catholic? HA! Democrat? You betcha! Just like his father.


  3. the incredible hiring standards of IWU demands of its faculty – not to mention the through vetting of background and congeniality needed on a kampus of this kaliber


  4. Jail is not the same as prison. The law dictates that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Anything less that than standard means we can incarcerate anyone, for any reason, even if it is not a criminal offense.

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    1. That’s one of my issues with all these mask requirements – They’re based on the assumption that everyone is guilty and cannot be proven innocent, and very little else.


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