The other Assault on your children – take action

By: Diane Benjamin

Critical Race Theory isn’t the only destruction being forced on kids.

If Governor Pritzker signs SB 818 your kids will be taught sex education in kindergarten. In Illinois kids aren’t allowed to be kids, Illinois democrats wants them sexualized early. Of course Planned Parenthood supported this bill, they will make money because of it. Call Pritzker’s office and demand he veto this bill: 217-782-6830 or 217-782-6831.

Of course no funding is included for schools. This is not only an assault on your child’s development, it keeps schools from teaching the fundamentals kids need to know.

This is what your kids could be taught if you do nothing:

The entire book can be seen here:

Your family values aren’t included.

15 thoughts on “The other Assault on your children – take action

      1. For those that can afford it yes it has begun.
        The rest of our children will be enslaved to this depraved ideology.

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      2. One way to fight back is to demand that all of our children are given an option out of this slavery.
        All families that want to leave the public indoctrination system should be able to take their tax money with them to set up or go to schools that educate their children. In very short order the public system will dry up.

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  1. Fromhere….While taking their tax money is a path, what about those who do not have kids? At the least they should be allowed to take their tax money out of the system. To win this battle you are going to have to vote democrats out. Your idea of school tax vouchers is not going to occur with democrats in charge. School funding can no longer exist in it’s current form of placing the burden primarily on home owners.

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    1. MediaGhost – Maybe those without kids could be allowed to decide which system they want their money to go to. The point is we must have alternatives to madness.

      I know it is a long shot but as the democrats continue to step on their own toes, there may come a tipping point and sensible people in Illinois will demand change.

      IF we had a media that informed and questioned, I think the vast majority of people would see that democrats are not trustworthy.

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      1. That was kind of where I was going in one should be allowed to make a determination. But wait, I thought that is what we elected these people to de. A real solution only rests with the removal of politicians who forget who they serve. Time for chinese dynastic cycle to occur here.

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  2. Sadly the only option is to leave. If you can’t , you are screwed unless someone decides its time to take matters into their own hands and is joined by a million other people and physically tosses these perverts out into the street. If that would happen, the state police would hunt you down and arrest you for standing up to criminals that should be in jail. This is now the state and country we now live in. No one should have to put up with it. Time is quickly approaching where each person will have to make life-changing choices and few are any good. Chicago is Illinois and vice-versa. Chicago has never cared about anything south of I-80 and this is more proof.


    1. MPeabody –
      Yes, its time we have a Moses that stands up to the Pharaoh (Pritzker/democrats). A few plagues might do the trick.


  3. Hi Diane ~ I bought this book. Are you sure this one could be taught or is just an example of what could be taught? I just want to make sure I know how it originated, if it’s already here or what the plan is that you are aware of.

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