I can’t write about how I felt on 9/11/2001. Memories are still too fresh 20 years later.

Terrorists around the world are now stronger than they were before the War on Terror started.

Americans have less freedom. We are better than this.

7 thoughts on “9/11

  1. I am sickened that only weeks before the 20th anniversary of 9/11 Biden gave billions of dollars of weapons to the terrorists who protected those responsible for the dreadful 9/11 attack on innocent men, women, and children. I have no doubt Americans will be killed with these weapons that their taxes paid for. I will think this every time I see someone advertising themselves as a Democrat.

    1. Yes, it will happen again. As then and is the case now, your own government despises you. 9-11 was totally preventable. No one in the Middle East, including Israel, is totally our friend. The USA has been basically on its own and has been since the 1960s. The ME , even with it’s development, is a first century hellhole inhabitated by people with a first century belief system. It will never fully be part of a modern world because it’s leaders and citizens continue to believe the Koran and Torah word for word. At home, most Jews continue to commit suicide on their religion and heritage by voting for liberal Democrats that hate them. Even Jewish members of Congress are self-loathing and are not true believers. The Squad should have been investigated long ago and thrown out of Congress for treason. All are American- hating foreign filth. The Bush’s are also to blame along with many Democrats and Republicans for their coddling of the Saudis who were also involved. They still hate the U.S. as well, except when we can protect them. Let the Middle East eat itself from the inside out while we concentrate on getting ready for a possible war with China who also hates us.

  2. It is apparent , after all the sacrifices by our citizens and military, we are no safer here in America, than that fateful day. I have learned never to trust and always watch our government, even at the local level.

  3. On this sad day in history as we remember those that lost their lives 20 years ago may we always remember those 13 men and women of the military that were killed in Afghanistan and that it was totally preventable and our current administration is completely at fault for those deaths. All those that voted for Biden should hang their heads in shame all of you are a part of this tragedy. May God bless America.

      1. There’s probably many more who are in personal turmoil, but won’t admit it yet. I think many are incapable of actual remorse though.

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