Bloomington bills for tonight

By: Diane Benjamin

Evidently what is charged on Credit Cards in Bloomington is now a secret, details used to be listed:

The BCPA event report tab doesn’t even have a spot yet for this year. When do we find out how much each show lost (or made)? In 2 days there is a show with tickets ranging from $64 to $91. Better rush to buy your tickets now!

Event tab:

If pension spiking is no longer allowed, why is IMRF getting an Accelerated Payment? IMRF charges an additional fee to cover pensionable salaries for which no funding was submitted by the City.

What is this? It has nothing to do with Castle Theater. It looks to me like this a payment is to a company in Iowa.

Just for fun, click here to see the City’s Social Media Disclaimer. Even though the City is paying a Communications person, they can’t guarantee what they post is timely, accurate, or complete:







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