The Coliseum case documents

By: Diane Benjamin

Since many of you contributed to get copies of the court documents before John Butler had a chance to get them sealed – I’m posting them below.

I’ve got 9 PDF files, the latest information is in PDF #1. Here is what I do know, I haven’t read every page yet:

  • Kelly Klein was charged along with the others but for some reason charges against her were dropped in 2019. I have other FOIA’s pending that might shed light on why she wasn’t prosecuted. Remember the “Kelly discount”?
  • Klein was given immunity August 10, 2020 – that was the same day subpoenas show the trial was to begin. If she did nothing chargeable, why did she need immunity?
  • John Butler’s attorney didn’t like that move and requested a 1 week delay
  • In PDF #2, page 70, my FOIA lawsuit is mentioned as a possible exhibit, I wasn’t aware of that. My emails are also mentioned on page 42
  • PDF #2 has long lists from both the prosecution and defense of what might be presented at trial. David Hales was on the list to testify
  • The case ended on August 10, 2020. John Butler got a misdemeanor, his company BMI Concessions got a felony
  • PDF #2 shows, page 18, shows the total cost to John Butler was $454,862.50 including court costs. He had to have paid attorneys at least that much
  • PDF #1 has the case Record Sheet that shows all of the court appearances – it is extensive!
  • I wonder what the State Police Officer who spent a ton of time investigating thinks about the outcome
  • If Joni Painter still thinks I didn’t have the current management agreement, she can see what I posted in PDF #9. I’d still like to know who lied to her!

I don’t know why John Butler wants the records sealed, but now it doesn’t matter since I have them. His court date is scheduled for December 17th. The States Attorney’s office claims in PDF #1 they don’t qualify to be sealed. Court records aren’t subject to FOIA but they are public. Any court document can be viewed at the Circuit Clerk’s office, with the exception of cases involving minors. Copies have to be paid for. I really appreciate all of you who stepped up to get these. The documents aren’t “searchable”, it would have been easier to find information of they were.

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  1. Speaking of the albratross…zero events scheduled. Their calendar still lists one event – the Lauren Daigle concert from nearly 3 weeks ago. You aren’t going to prevent those losses or boost the local economy by having essentially no events.

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