Sorry for calling the Communists socialists

By: Diane Benjamin

THREE real live communists showed up at Public Comment last night. They must be readers since they made a point of saying they aren’t socialists they are communists. (I called them socialists in a previous story) They were at the last meeting too and they plan to keep attending. I hope they are at every meeting, they are very entertaining! They even brought a communist flag, unfortunately the camera didn’t get a good pic of it. Here are their pics, it seems like they don’t want to recognized in public. I wonder why?

The first guy mentioned reporting Mboka to Public Access for his Public Comment speech at every meeting. He claims that would be very expensive for the City. Go for it – Public Access is free for you, they might have a final response in a couple years. The City has lawyers on staff, it would merely be a minor inconvenience for them if Public Access even takes the case. Hint: They won’t since nobody has been prevented from speaking.

I don’t remember which, but one of them mentioned campaign contributions from the Police Benevolent Association to Sheila Montney and Nick Becker. The communists are evidently fine with the realtors association in Springfield buying the election in Normal. I wonder why they never show up in Normal?

The last guy said something worth a comment. He claimed 56% of police officers wished they had never joined the force. He left out two words: New York. Yes, 56% of New York City police officers said they wished they hadn’t become police officers. Of course in New York they aren’t allowed to be police officers. Felons are arrested and put back on the streets. Crime is out of control and the police aren’t allowed by the progressive democrats to stop it.

See details here:

It looks like communists are willing to lie to push an agenda. They have that in common with progressive democrats. What does that tell you? Just hit play if you a dying to hear the first two. There is another comment before the third.

26 thoughts on “Sorry for calling the Communists socialists

  1. These kids just want people to notice them. So cute. But do they want us to laugh at them or think they are clever in a superficial way? Their scary little costumes were fun though. And they do love the potty mouth. That was funny too. Someday when they grow up they’ll look back at this as the highlight of their theatrical careers. It’s not often kids can get a free stage to act on. They did put a lot of effort into their act. Good for them.

          1. Diane, I would guess that he wasn’t old enough to be on the ballot. Don’t you have to be at least 18? You know, past the age where your brain is somewhat past the juvenile stage anyway.

      1. I have other things to do, Diane, but I assure you he was on the ballot and received votes, including mine . You try again.

  2. The NWO dude is wearing the same shirt he wore last time. Glad he likes it as that is the only shirt he’ll own (or be able to rent) if he ever realizes his dream. No more freedom to speak though brah. Roll up your sleeve, take the jab, and enjoy your (musta been) bad dreams.

  3. So irrelevant that you have written about them twice. Communists love free rent, so please keep leasing them free space in your head. 😘

      1. Well, we sure appreciate the attention. Bloomington must be running like a well oiled machine since this is how you spend your time addressing constituents. Congrats!

  4. wow, long-haired unkempt people that think communism works the best…shocker…these weak pathetic fools are such a waste of oxygen, our taxdollars, and anyone’s real attention. but hey its america we have to allow them the opportunity to look like fools and spew their anti-american agenda. little do they know that when the real communists show up to take what they want, these weak minded will be the first ones to go. the defenders of this country and i will not protect this kind of ilk.

  5. Love the fact that the red-headed-female addresses specific aldermen at public comment. Wonder why she doesn’t have the courage to have an authentic conversation with each of them. Maybe the red-head and her buddies are intimidated by intelligence.

    1. …an authentic conversation with the communists would probably be as migraine inducing as having an authentic conversation with Gary Lambert or Scott Stimling. 🤪 . Can only imagine the Airing of Grievances during Festivus at these folks homes ! 🙄

  6. I wonder if these reprobates are familiar with, “useful idiots,” and the true origin of the phrase.? Since they have precious few brain cells to rub together, my guess is they have no clue. They won’t survive 5 minutes in the gulag.

  7. Lambert and Stimling needs to swipe right on each other via Tinder or something … this dove – like cooing to one another at city council public comment is as nauseating as the communists , in its own way.

    These two are why many city councils hold public comments at the END of the meeting.

  8. Trying to think what the upside of Communism is for these people. A place to sleep for free apparently. NO HOMEWORK! Video games and weed all day, every day. Worshiping at the alter of the politburo (under the threat of re-education camp or death). No personal responsibility. What a life! Maybe for a single celled parasite called an Amoeba but not for a human being.

  9. I’m sure you won’t post my comment because it’s freedom of speech right up until someone tells the truth about you people. Then all off a sudden I don’t have freedom of speech

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