Since eliminating BEC isn’t on the ballot:

The below was sent by the local GOP, Democrats likely sent it out too. People who demand the law be followed are needed, BEC needs a watchdog.

Here is the news release from the BEC. 

DATE: November 24, 2021
SUBJECT: Announcing commissioner position vacancy on the City of Bloomington Board of Election Commission

The Bloomington Board of Election Commissioners will have a commissioner position vacancy effective January 1, 2022.

All interested applicants should send a letter of interest to the City of Bloomington Board of Election Commissioners, c/o Judge Rebecca Foley, 104 W. Front Street, Bloomington, IL 61701. All letters must be postmarked by December 17, 2021 for consideration.

Qualifications to serve as a commissioner:

· Must be a resident of the State of Illinois for the last two years

· Must be a legally registered voter in the City of Bloomington

· Must be a person of well-known political convictions (verified by voting history)

· Must be a person of integrity and capacity

· Must not hold any other political office

· Must be available to attend board meetings, elections, and other necessary commission functions.

As both major political parties are currently represented on the board, this position may be filled by a person of any political affiliation. The charge of the Election Commission is to conduct elections in a fair, non-partisan manner. Please contact Executive Director Suzanne Fahnestock at 309-888-5136 with any questions about the position.

4 thoughts on “Since eliminating BEC isn’t on the ballot:

  1. The whole vacancy was handled poorly and without transparency.

    As for the requirement that the potential vacancy be filled by an individual “Must be a person of integrity and capacity” , can’t wait to see who the Dems attempt appoint… WILL be challenged publicly on those criteria ^-^


  2. The BEC needs to be eliminated!! The BEC is a one-off and ineffective duplicate of services offered through the McLean County elections office.

    The last time “eliminating the BEC” appeared on the ballot – the question was worded as a double negative and voters could not easily determine if yes meant yes or no.


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