Bloomington over bid a project by $2,140,700

By: Diane Benjamin

Agenda for Monday:

Bloomington wants to rehab these two water tanks off Fort Jesse. The NEVER used water tower in the same area isn’t mentioned:

Money was budgeted for this project – WAY more than what the project will cost: PDF page 185

Monday they are already spending what they saved by over-budgeting: PDF page 129

Another agenda item:

Note, unlike other agenda items, no cost is listed. Go to PDF page 70.

These private monies will be used to purchase 10 solar powered cellular cameras that will be placed in high crime areas. It also covers the cost for the first year:

Shouldn’t citizens know where the private grant monies came from? Does government ever get a grant and not tell people the source?

Note: Last Monday Normal spent over $49,000 on 15 cameras and 2 updates.

More BCPA performance fees:

I wonder if the conference will teach them how to book shows

for a small venue so every show doesn’t lose money?

4 thoughts on “Bloomington over bid a project by $2,140,700

  1. Yes to Flock safety ! A GA company renowned for low income area / minority slum / high crime monitoring technology.
    Especially helpful in the warmer months when these people are most active. Saturate Downtown and west Bloomington with these.
    Flock cams lighten the investigative workload and man hours of our Hero’s in Blue tremendously.


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