Bloomington over taxing?

By: Diane Benjamin

Tonight’s packet:

Take a trip down memory lane to 2017:

That link is to the proposed 2017 budget. PDF page 19 shows the General Fund including the percent held in reserves.

The City planned to collect and spend $104,794,506. The RESERVES percent of the General Fund was 12.87%.

Jump to tonight – PDF page 213.

The City is planning to collect $127,001,639 but only spend $120,216,236. The RESERVES percent as of 4/30/2023 in the General Fund skyrocketed to 26.71%.

In 2017 Bloomington planned to collect and spend the same amount. In 2022 the City is planning on overtaxing and stuff the rest somewhere in case they need it.

There is a required Public Hearing on the proposed budget tonight. Maybe some resident will ask why they need so much money in reserves. Not too many years ago the goal was 15% of the General Fund. What aren’t we being told?

Another “what aren’t we being told?” is on PDF page 213. Grossinger Motors Arena has revenues predicted of $7,852,176. Expenses are the same. The Coliseum has never come close to generating that much money. Is somebody dreaming or do they have plans citizens haven’t been told? The City does want to hire someone to book shows at the BCPA and the Coliseum. History proves that won’t generate anywhere near $7-$8 million. Why are expenses the same as revenue?

The PSCRB will be making their annual report. ONE complaint about a towed car was investigated by them, they determined the police did nothing wrong. The below is also included in the documentation:

A contract for O’Neil Park and pool will be awarded to P. J. Hoerr. The cost is no longer $11.7 million, it’s now $13,870,320. Keep in mind the City could have just replaced the pool instead of building a water park that will only be used a few months a year.

The library expansion will also cost more:

The City will issue bonds for the library not to exceed $14.2 million since the library can’t issue bonds themselves. City library property taxes will increase to pay it back. Another bond will be issued to pay $5.8 million for O’Neil Park.

PDF page 241:

The Council will also discuss changing some Ward boundaries to make sure the population in each is roughly the same. Normal doesn’t have that problem since Trustees supposedly represent everyone. Normal needs Wards since in reality they don’t.








3 thoughts on “Bloomington over taxing?

  1. Seems like the PSCRB is turning out to be nothing more than a knee jerk reaction to a great big nothing burger. Obviously they have nothing better to do than waste people’s time and be a nuisance. This is one of the many things that makes me glad I’m moving farther away from all these goody two shoes liberals.

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  2. Hold on to your hat! There must be a big announcement coming if the arena is going to generate $7.800,000 in revenue this coming year.

    If I am not mistaken that would be its best year in nearly 20 years of existence! Better late than never.

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