Bloomington’s festivities tonight

By: Diane Benjamin

Mboka continues reappointing Renner’s picks to Board and Commissions, 7 more and 2 new.

If you haven’t seen the new Ward maps yet, you have until the end of June to comment:!/

The web page says the new Wards will go into effect May 1st next year. That is after the April election. A vote is on the Consent Agenda that states it will go into affect immediately on passage in July. šŸ™„

The same agreement Normal passed with the Ecology Action Center is on Bloomington’s Consent Agent, unless it is pulled it won’t be discussed. See PDF page 53 for details.

The Zoning Board of Appeals approved raising chickens at a home on Olive Street near downtown, it is on the Consent Agenda – see PDF page 73.

Finally, Bloomington will allocate more of the free Fed money that contributed to the current inflation:

Could be a short boring meeting. Maybe Alderman comments will liven it up!






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