Normal: Know what you are doing?

By: Diane Benjamin

Does the Town of Normal know their signs would have to be removed if their assault on free speech gets passed? (Changed to their sign ordinance)

Did anyone ask Chemberly Cummings what her job as Trustee is if it isn’t governing? Silly voters think they vote for people to represent them!

4 thoughts on “Normal: Know what you are doing?

  1. LOL, I’d put on my ninja oufit and go in there some night and add a sign that says, “Mayor Koos is a communist dictator.” & “Don”t vote for Preston, Koos controls him.”

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  2. Well at least she’s taking her orders well and saying what she’s told to say. I’ll bet queen pam is her coach. She was reinstalled, not re-elected.

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  3. Classic King and Queen move…Do as I say, not as I do.

    The fact that the council rubber stamped this shows just how business unfriendly and anti-free speech Normal has become.

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