Bloomington’s secret meeting, unless you want to waste all day today

By: Diane Benjamin

Of course Bloomington could have held this retreat in a place that could be live streamed, they chose not to. The only way to know what happens is to attend. Some items in #4 should be public discussions, that’s why they aren’t.

3 thoughts on “Bloomington’s secret meeting, unless you want to waste all day today

  1. Retreat- mostly likely some fake or military “consultant” getting paid way to much to promote the “one voice” or robotic brainwashing mentality. How to vote as one and be do gooder servant leaders. Decades of the same rehashed crap but folks make money by promoting it all. Makes the elites feel great. Helps “project leaders” get their crappy projects in at the county and state level. And everyone gets paid big bucks and gets great referrals to do the same song and dance at another city/venue.

    Honestely, the money flow in the county and cities and partnerships and message get more ugly and repetitive.

    Follow the money.

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  2. Interesting….did the city have to pay the airport for the room? Why not use a room at one of the city owned locations? Also apparently not all took vacation. Heard one had to work and wasn’t attending the party.

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