Tri-Valley continues to hide information

By: Diane Benjamin

Start with this link:

Petitions to run for School Board are due Monday. 3 seats on the Tri-Valley Board will be on the April ballot. These people’s terms are expiring: Jill Messamore, Lori Stickling, Jessica Alt.

I don’t know if any are running for re-election.

I have requested access to the Board Meetings and Agendas, twice and not received access. Yesterday I sent an email, I received the below in response:

This morning there is still no change to the website, information owned by taxpayers is still not available.

Only 50 signatures are required to run for School Board, see this link:–2023-Consolidated?bidId=

Requirements for other districts are also listed.

Candidates that refuse to do “as told” are badly needed. Your schools don’t belong to the Superintendent. Your kids deserve better.

I’ve been a programmer for close to 30 years. Linking directly to the data is easy. It NEVER should have required an access request.

The tax hearing is December 19th, 6:00 pm at the District Office. Taxpayers need to be there.





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