Too bad you can’t drive Constitution Trail

By: Diane Benjamin

Bloomington Parks and Rec are out plowing Constitution Trail on the East Side of Town.

A friend lives on a short street that backs up to the trail. After every snow storm she sees the trail get cleared, sometimes more than once, while she can’t get her car out of the driveway.

Secondary streets, especially short ones are the last to be cleared. She pays the same taxes others who get their streets cleared. Her street is always LAST.

Hey, you can use Constitution Trail however, maybe she needs an electric bike. I hear a guy commutes using one behind her. He also doesn’t think speed is a problem. He’s an accident about to happen.

If they get to your street:



7 thoughts on “Too bad you can’t drive Constitution Trail

  1. When an individual who is running for Council is a member of the local Bicycle Mafia, we can be assured Constitution Trail will get cleared, then the local Bicycle Mafia will complain that the streets are not cleared as they have fought for millions being spent on CT but then use the streets.

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  2. On our street we can count on maybe seeing a city snowplow on the third day. SInce we live at a bottom of a hill, we all got at least one AWD or 4×4. For years our neighbor plowed it but he recently moved out of state. Imagine that.

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  3. In all seriousness, as warm as the pavement is, as I watch the snow melt on my driveway, Why are we plowing at all? We can save taxpayers some money and “be green.” Clear a few key intersections. Clear the overpasses downtown. Everyone just slow down, take your time. I went to my front porch, looked at the sidewalk, mostly melting also. When all is said and done, very little shoveling.

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    1. and just like that – no plow down my street today. Street is 100% clear, so is driveway and sidewalk. Glad we spent money on fuel. Driver Time that could have been working on other items. Wear and Tear on our poor roads, for the ones they dropped snow plow blades. Can we start to be smart about our use of taxpayer money? PLEASE! PRETTY PLEASE!! PRETTY PLEASE WITH SUGAR ON TOP!!!!!!


  4. In the Indianapolis area, many motorists drive the Monon Trail frequently, especially when there is lots of road construction (not kidding). It got so bad area, the city had to block off the trail for a quarter of a mile. We love our independence and dare to.take it to greater heights when possible. If we paid for it, why not use it? (Not one person wearing spandex was injured or killed).

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  5. It’s not what you know it’s who you know. My in laws lived near Judy Markowitz many years ago and you can bet that her street was clean as a whistle. When I lived HEYWORTH our roads were spotless . Two city council members lived in subdivision. Need I go on!You can bet any amount of money that King Koos neighborhood was spotless as well yesterday as well.


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