Fly on the Wall: YMCA

Why is the pool 75 degress?

Why did the steam room close for mold?

Why is the unisex sauna at least 10 degrees cooler than it should be?

Why is the pool water sometimes green?

Why are the main hall lights out in the unisex bathroom?

Why are many of the locker locks already broken?

I hope they didn’t use DEI contractors!

The building has only been open about 8 months.

8 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall: YMCA

  1. It’s interesting that the buildings having issues. Top union contractors were used locally on the project including Stark and PJ Hoerr. No new building should have issues eight months into being used.

  2. The YMCA stepped away from their mission of helping the needy when they chose to abandon the the people who really needed them and moved to the rich side of town. Thank GOD Eastview Church took over the mission the YMCA.

  3. As a longtime Y member, I shared the concern about the move to the east side, however I have seen many faces from the former downtown facility. I hope Eastview does well at the old place, it is needed there. Early on, the showers in the locker room were ice cold. Getting better recently. The water-saving faucets are a pain. I finally learned how the lockers work. The locks were tricky at first. The gym and workout facilities are top notch. Best in town! Overall the new YMCA is a great facility!

  4. I’m not surprised. No one cares anymore. Shoddy work. Poor planning. People who do not know how to do their jobs. People who will do the minimum to get by. No more work ethic. No more pride in workmanship. It’s all a sign of the times.

  5. YMCA? OMG, talk about the wokest bunch of clowns since the brown top grocery store fiasco. I remember their Nazi-like zeal for face diapers. And appeasement of Black Lives Matter.
    Yeah, that’s a hard no. And I’ll have another cup of schadenfreude, thank you. F them and the green Chevy Bolt they rode in on.

      1. Yeah, them too. They’ve always virtue signaled on their sign with “fighting racism” or some such nonsense.

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