Hands off the kids! Bloomington Library

By: Diane Benjamin

The last line proves the real goal is chaos. Not removing criminals from society means more crime. Seen the crime rate in cities with Soros prosecutors?

Pushing transgender ideology on kids VERY likely to outgrow it is evil. It’s hard enough growing up, stop pushing chaos that will leave permanent damage. Adults can do anything they want – leave the kids alone.

See this link from the group behind this presentation: https://chartreuse-roadrunner-rpsl.squarespace.com/about-us

They sound just like Chicago’s new mayor – more than 50 people got shot last weekend with his plan to end violence. We know what ends gun violence – remove criminals from society.

Your tax dollars at work:


26 thoughts on “Hands off the kids! Bloomington Library

  1. Satan has grown very bold and the progressive left (which now is the Democratic party) are his disciples. Evil is rampant in our liberal cities and it’s spreading to midsize towns like BloNo. Degenerates are openly displaying their flag…..are open with their ways…..and are undermining our social order. Chaos is the goal. I’m a Christian but enjoy the irony of a Muslim or Chinese Communist take over…..those flags would soon be gone and so would there wavers.

      1. Diane in response to your history repeating……electing Hitler comment. Fully agree that something will happen, but will it be a Hitler, a Stalin, or a Mao? Hitler was unspeakably horrible……Stalin was worse…..and I don’t think we really know the level Mao reached. Right now, to me, a Maoist seems likely because we’re almost to the point of the infamous reeducation camps. But who knows. It won’t be good regardless.

  2. Duroc, I couldn’t agree with you more I too am fed up with this woke crap being pushed in my face daily. I can only imagine what our good Lord is thinking. Being a christian also I have more than once thought how nice it would be for the Muslims to take over as this crap would would come to an immediate end. This is a thought that I never in my life would have considered.
    The left progressive demoncrats are now pushing their crap into the lives of the poor defenseless little ones, how a sad!

    1. “Being a Christian also I have thought more than once how nice it would be for the Muslims to take over” — what an incredible statement for you to have decided to type out on the internet.

      1. Incredible indeed. Unfortunately it shows the level of hopelessness lots of folks feel in the face of WOKEism and the depravity of the queers and faggots that are indoctrinating our youth.

  3. Demonrats! I think it is obvious now that changing just one letter, the “c” to an “n” is more than just mere coincidence of definitive description.

  4. I listen to James Lindsay whenever I get a chance. A very smart guy. He’s been writing books about the woke movement for a few years now. The Marxification of Education is his latest. I recommend it.

    He was interviewed on Epoch TV a few days ago. If you can, get a subscription to Epoch TV. Lindsay’s opinion is the woke movement is setting a trap for the non woke by causing them to over-react then use that to define the whole and advance their movement further.

    Teaching is no longer for learning academics, it’s to make kids social/political activists.
    Libraries are no longer places to get books for learning, they are places to reinforce social/political movements.

  5. Ahhh, the army that Obummer talked about. The kids as they grow up. So incorrigible. Folks! Get your kids out of the public schools. And insight from Pink Floyd, “Teacher! Leave them kids alone.”

  6. They also just sponsored Pride in the Park along with Normal Public Library. My family and I no longer utilize the library because I don’t view it as a safe space for my kids. Libraries are obsolete.

    1. I’ve wondered about this WOKE craze and how its become so pervasive. I plumb forget the old adage, “follow the money”. I read an article in reference to Bud Light, Target, and others. Apparently big money firms like Vanguard, that manage trillions (with a T) of dollars in pension funds and mutual funds politic and pressure large companies into DEI and WOKE, and LGBTQ crap. California has the largest pension fund there is so the California politicians use that to pressure the investment firms to pressure businesses!!. Blue states probably all do it!!!!!!!!!! California, New York, and Chicago are like cancers to America. Think of it……public union pension funds so big they can force their ideology through investment companies……what about book publishing, school Endowment, and an endless list of others.

      1. You are correct. No company makes woke related decisions without multiple departments deeply analyzing the affect to the bottom line. Bud Light is a small percentage of A/Bush’s total take, but what they did with it boosted their ESG score. Environmental, Social Governance.

        A high ESG score gets them access to money from the likes of Black Rock and Vanguard. If you have a low ESG score you have to go somewhere else.

        Google ESG and you’ll find page after page of positive financial articles about it. In reality it’s a racket. A way to impose green and woke agendas on citizens without going through the democratic processes.

    1. FROMHERE Prager U is a fountain of truth……but I still don’t understand the ‘motive’ behind ESG. It’s attacking the very mechanism that fuels, well, everything! Or do these billionaires running Black Rock and Vanguard actually BELIEVE the tenants of ESG or is there something else driving this?

      1. @Duroc – My two cents. The heads of the beast are people like Krause Schwab, John Kerry, whoever controls the Joe Biden puppet, Bill Gates, George Soros, Larry Fink the United Nations, China?, higher “education” and heads of teacher’s unions. Very rich, power hungry anti-God, elitists that feel it is their duty to impose their superior “virtue” on the simple minded.

        They fly around the world in their private jets telling the less fortunate that we all need to give up our cars and travel by electric bus. In only that way can we feel as virtuous as they are.

        Ultimately they want to be leaders of the new socialist, then communist, world order.

        This sexual/social brainwashing in schools, libraries, etc, is just to stir up division. They have to divide, blame and shame in order to conquer a confused, fearful majority. Very much a Maoist approach.

        Many of the locals that support these things don’t even know what the end game is. They are personally lost and miserable and crave man-centric virtue and acceptance. These elitists provide that in return for their blind submission, their votes, money and their unhinged activism.

        1. Diane and FROMHERE thank you for your responses…… I know you are right, a Marxist ‘new world order’. But I don’t see China capitulating and nor Russia, (if they hadn’t gotten into this silly war). Power hungry as all the players are it’s not likely there’ll be a stalemate. I can’t see Muslim countries rolling over either. This leads me to think it’ll lead to a MAJOR power struggle. Global War.

          1. Good point Duroc. I’m thinking China and Russia will overtly and covertly support the, economic and social demise of the free world in preparation for the day they pull the plug on us.

            1. We can see that now….China and Taiwan. China and our economy. Russia’s struggle to fend off NATO. Thanks to WOKE military we are getting awfully close to being incapable of our own defense much less Europe’s.
              Under your more likely scenario we are simply absorbed under the CCP control…..pulling the plug. With us out of the way Europe will cave as they’ve always done. So China get us and Russia gets Europe. Smarter than a war.

              1. They know that our demise must come from within. Is it ever more evident that there are forces at work whose purpose is nothing more than that?

                1. No. Never more evident. And I fear they’re winning. We may never see another conservative president with changes in the voting laws and the shenanigans the democrats pull….bad times.

                  1. Duroc, Bear with me, I feel a soap box moment coming on as we contemplate the future.
                    The next really “bad times”, as you say, may actually be the beginning of the “end times”. Many believe that. So where does that put us? At that time all of the political, social, cultural, racial, sexual, ideological, educational, religious, economic, “I’m right, your wrong beliefs, will dissolve into two categories, those with remaining hope and those who are hopeless. We see this in history and in individual’s lives when things come to the end.

                    What does this mean to me? I guess that understanding should flavor my current attitudes about others. If it doesn’t, I think I’ll find myself at that time in the hopeless group. This doesn’t mean I have to agree with them, it just means I should understand that the author of chaos really wants me to forget about my real hope in God and focus on the fake hope of man. If I do focus on real hope maybe there will be fewer hopeless at the end? Preaching to myself here. Sorry.

  7. have no fear it is gay pride month those dancing in the street with plastic penis’s taped all over their body will save us from those that want to do us harm !!!!

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